‘Celebrity Apprentice’ 2015 Finale Date Set: When Will The Winner Be Revealed?

The Celebrity Apprentice 2015 season has been a fun one for fans, but it’s flying by quickly. NBC has been airing episodes back-to-back this time around, which means that the finale isn’t too far down the road. Now the network is dishing out some details about that last episode. What Celebrity Apprentice spoilers are available for this one?

The Futon Critic shares that the Celebrity Apprentice 2015 winner will be announced in a live two-hour show airing on Monday, February 16. Interestingly, there is a special airing of the show the Monday prior to the finale. That one is called The Celebrity Apprentice: Top Feuds, Firings, and Fails, and most would imagine it’ll showcase some of the series’ most iconic moments.

The season finale will award $250,000 to the charity of the winner’s choice, and someone will be crowned as the seventh Celebrity Apprentice winner. As is typical, viewers will see one big final task between the last two contestants. They will bring back some of their former teammates to try to put on a big event and things will surely get dramatic.

Celebrity Apprentice spoilers indicate that this time around everybody will travel to Orlando, Florida, to create a commercial. The goal is to sell resort vacation packages for Universal Orlando Resort and raise money for the project manager’s charity. Once the commercial is put together, the teams will return to New York and present the piece to everybody via a red carpet event filled with celebrities.

Though this current season sat on the shelf for months after being taped, the ratings have been solid. So far, however, there have been no indications that a new season is on the horizon. Fans do still love the show and hope that perhaps something will pop up this spring regarding an additional season, but for now they, will have to stay tuned.

Celebrity Apprentice spoilers have previously indicated that the final four supposedly consist of Brandi Glanville, Ian Ziering, Leeza Gibbons, and Vivica A. Fox. Some wonder, however, if a different quartet may make that interview level, say with Geraldo Rivera making the final four, but the sources seem pretty solid on this one. According to the Survivor Sucks forum, Geraldo Rivera and Kenya Moore are the two who are likely fired just before that big final four threshold.

Which two celebrities are the final two in the 2015 season? Based on Celebrity Apprentice spoiler photos taken in Florida during filming and other clues, many suspect that the final showdown will be between Vivica and Leeza. While an argument could be made for either lady, a lot of fans seem to be speculating that Gibbons may well take home the winner title.

It may have been a long wait to get started with this season, but it won’t be much longer before viewers have a winner. Tune into The Celebrity Apprentice 2015 season airing on Monday nights and prepare for the big finale airing on February 16.

[Image via OK! Magazine]