Farrah Abraham Blow Up Doll: How Much Will The Novelty Item Cost?

The Farrah Abraham blow up doll is now a real thing and, soon, it will be available for fans of the reality-show-star-turned-adult-entertainment-star to own. The former Teen Mom star showed off the new adult toy in Las Vegas where she attended the AVN Awards.

Farrah recently introduced her boyfriend to the world and the two have been traveling across the country to promote Farrah’s many endeavors. These endeavors now include the Farrah Abraham blow up doll. It is just the latest novelty toy in an entire line released by the former reality show star following the success of her adult films.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, she posed with the Farrah Abraham blow up doll and shared the photos on her Twitter page. That is where her fans first saw the photos and, of course, were shocked to see that such a product exists.

The Ashley at The Ashley’s Reality Round Up did some more research into the product and was able to find out more details. It turns out that people who want the Farrah Abraham blow up doll will have to wait until spring to get their hands on one. The price will run $49 according to a Topco Sales PR Agent.

Farrah Abraham first started working on her adult toy line in late 2013. At the time, it was unclear how far into the world of adult entertainment she would go and, while she hasn’t yet made another adult film, she has been busy making plenty of new toys. The CEO of Topco Sales spoke about what it is like to work with Farrah on her line of toys.

“We’re thrilled to have been selected to partner with such a media-savvy celebrity. We’re eagerly looking forward to working with Farrah on promoting her amazing new line of pleasure products and we’re twice as thrilled to bring these new products to her fans around the world.”

The reality show star, who will not be returning to Teen Mom, did not talk openly about her Farrah Abraham blow up doll, but has avidly been retweeting links to articles that mention it on Twitter. It seems she is trying to get the word out about her newest endeavor. Of course, unveiling her blow up doll wasn’t the only thing the reality show star did in Vegas. She also talked to The Las Vegas Sun and revealed to what she finds sexy.

“Completely and totally be yourself with or without makeup. Whether you’re sweating or laying by the pool, self-love is super sexy, unconditional love of yourself and being secure. That’s total sexiness.”

Despite the fact that her latest endeavors may have been the reason for MTV not asking her back to Teen Mom, Farrah seems happy with the path she has chosen, including making the Farrah Abraham blow up doll.

[Image: via Twitter]