Pandas Brawling Video Proves How Vicious These Man-Eating Bears Are, Sort Of

They’re known for their peaceful demeanor and amazingly adorable Teddy bear looks. But camera footage of Giant pandas brawling shows why these dangerous, blood thirsty and vicious man-eaters should be eliminated at all costs or all humanity is doomed.

If you’re familiar with panda bears, you’ll realize that they are not violent monsters “that must be destroyed,” despite the brawl a bunch of cubs are taking part in. The video above (cute alert!) shows about half a dozen pandas that appear as if they are in a free-for-all. Turns out, they are doing what junior bears do — getting lost in play. And this brawling footage of pandas has gone viral, for obvious reasons. You’ll be hard-pressed not to laugh, especially when you see one of the tough troublemakers scale a tree and antagonize an opponent from up high.

The Inquisitr reported on another panda that captured the hearts of internet surfers recently. Check out this video of baby panda Bao Bao having an adorable encounter with snow for the first time at the National Zoo. He’s not much of a brawler, but makes for a great drunken tumbler. Funny is an understatement about this panda cub’s experience.

Pandas are an endangered species, largely due to encroachment of their habitat and their inherent difficulties in reproducing offspring. Although zoologists have some history of success in artificial insemination, panda population numbers in the wild are still a concern for researchers. According to World Wildlife, there are only about 1,600 giant panda bears remaining outside of zoos, mainly in China’s Yangtze Basin region.

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[Image video: Wikimedia Commons]