Teenage Girl Bravely Rejected Abortion After Being Raped — Her Story Is A Testament To The Pro-Life Movement

January is a major month for those who are pro-life. The reason why is because the court case that passed abortion as a constitutional right happened during that month. As a matter of fact, January 22 — the anniversary day of Roe vs. Wade — is delegated to the pro-life movement “March for Life.” The Inquisitr previously reported on the event which included thousands and thousands who marched in Washington D.C. Apparently, this was also the day Congress passed a monumental abortion bill.

Within that spirit, an interesting article — surely of a pro-life stance — was recently published. It is about a teenage girl who bravely rejected abortion after she was raped, the trials and tribulations for her decision, and the joy it has truly brought her.

Ashley and Aiden
Ashley, now at the age of fifteen, is picture here with her son Aiden.

Monica Kelsey, of Life News, wrote an article about a girl named Ashley from Elwood, Indiana, who was raped by her brother’s friend and became pregnant. The rapist was prosecuted, charged, and convicted on three counts, as Ashley was not his only victim. The events of that crisis happened two years ago, but it would also be a story that surely pulled on people’s heartstrings because despite being just 13-years-old at the time, Ashley made the decision to keep her baby. After carrying her child to full term, she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Aiden.

Not only did people sympathize with Ashley, but empathized too. They did this through prayers and donations. Even Monica Kelsey, who had the pleasure of meeting with Ashley and her parents, invited Ashley on a two-day vacation with her and her 14-year-old daughter, just so Ashley would have the chance to be a teenager again. The parents were more than delighted to give this to their daughter, as they watched Aiden during Ashley’s time away.

The donations consisted mostly of diapers and formula, which have helped Ashley and her parents out tremendously. As a matter of fact, Ashley’s mom gave a short thanks to all who have cared enough to pray and donate.

“Thank you everyone for all the prayers and support for my daughter Ashley and my grandson Aiden. Monica from Save The 1 is amazing and has made such a difference in our lives. Honestly without their help I don’t know how we would make it through. Thank you all so much from my family and thank you Monica for all the hard work and dedication!”

It may be that Ashley had passed the storm of that tragic event in her life and now rests in a respite with her son, but that doesn’t mean her life is void of trials and tribulations. Last year, Ashley was able to attend school again. It took some time to balance both roles of student and mother, but she eventually did. However, a specter from that horrific moment in her past would return as the boy, the one convicted of raping her, was suddenly seen on school grounds. Apparently, the rapist was allowed to attend school again, and it just so happens to be the same one Ashley is in.

Of course, the parents wouldn’t allow Ashley to be in the same school as her rapist. Therefore, they tried to get the school board to do something. Eventually, they took their daughter out of school and transferred her to an alternate school so she can continue her studies without incident.

Presently, Ashley is doing well in her education. She is excelling in her classes and is a straight-A student. People continue to provide prayers and support, and Ashley remains positive of what the future may bring. Many reported sites, such as Catholic News Live and Brown Pelican Society of Louisiana, have followed up on Monica Kelsey’s article to spread the word of Ashley and her son, Aiden.

If you want to know more about how you can help Ashley and Aiden, along with many others in a similar situation, feel free to check out Living Exceptions, the organization that has helped both Ashley and Aiden during their most trying times. This organization is truly a blessing for rape victims who choose to keep their children. In this world today, most victims see the child they birth as a reminder of the travesty they went through. That doesn’t have to be the case, as the child can truly be a “living exception,” just like how Aiden is a “living exception” to Ashley.

[Images via Life News]