Linda Baker, Believed To Be The First Woman To Marry Herself, Releases ‘Cake Girl,’ A Book About Her Love For Wedding Cake

For the past few days the Internet has been abuzz about Yasmin Eleby, a Houston woman who married herself in a lavish ceremony. But, more than 20 years ago, Linda Baker, another African American woman married herself. Her wedding story fascinated the nation. She is believed to be the first woman to marry herself. Baker’s story also inspired the 2007 Lifetime Television movie ‘I, Me, Wed.’

Linda Baker’s story began in 1993, when the 40-year old beauty grew tired of people asking her when she was going to get married. She was also tired of waiting on the right groom, waiting on the wedding, and waiting to have her favorite wedding cake. So she decided to marry herself in an intimate ceremony that included her closest friends and family members. It was a joyful time, and the blushing bride is still married to herself – even today.

Now, Linda Baker is making news again for the release of her new book entitled Cake Girl: One (Reasonably) Sane Woman’s Quest for the Biggest Slice, the Sweetest Frosting, and the Perfect Wedding Cake.

According to the book description, “Cake Girl’ is about a ‘sweet-toothed dental hygienist who recommends bakeries instead of toothpaste in her quest for her own wedding cake. Filled with recipes and love, Linda’s story captures the rewards of having your cake and eating it too!”

News about Yasmin Eleby’s wedding brought back memories of the original girl [Linda Baker] who married herself so many years ago. Here is what Linda says about the book.

Cake Girl‘ is about my love for cake and the desire for a wedding cake to call my own. As a dental hygienist who recommends bakeries instead of toothpaste, my constant laments about wanting a wedding cake led my boss to ask the question that changed my life.”

[Photo Credit: Linda Baker]

The Los Angeles native has fond memories of her mother’s delicious Southern recipes, and states that it is her mother that inspired her deep love for cooking and baking.

“My Mother has been my inspiration for cooking because she was a great cook and baker. Back in the 60’s there weren’t a lot of fast food places as there are today and she learned a lot from her mother who taught cooking classes back in Alabama. So, enjoyed homemade meals, scrumptious Southern homemade dishes.And today, my Mother still is an inspiration because she enjoys life, enjoys family and friends and at the age of eighty-one, she is on the go day and night. No kidding-she’s always out at the movies, jazz concerts, and travels regularly.”


‘Cake Girl,’ which is available at CakeGirlBaker and at Amazon, includes some of the most beautiful and heartfelt stories about cake. Some of the stories, she says, were inspired by love, and others by the friendships they created or destroyed.