Ken Todd And Lisa Vanderpump Fired Kristen Doute On ‘Vanderpump Rules’? [VIDEO]

Ken Todd and Lisa Vanderpump appear to have had enough of Kristen Doute. In a sneak peek at the upcoming episode of Vanderpump Rules, Todd and Vanderpump, who also star in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, are seen discussing Doute’s future with the restaurant.

When the sneak peek begins, Vanderpump is seen talking to her husband, Ken Todd.

“I’m so pissed off. The fact that this girl, Kristen, has no respect for any rules or management in my restaurant. She’ll just say what she wants and I know she’s been here seven years, but she’s been here seven years too long. She basically flaunts her bad behavior and she just throws any temper tantrum at any given time.”

After a heated debate between Tom Sandoval and Annemarie Kunkel, who claims to have slept with him in Miami, Scheana Marie is called in to speak with her bosses, who want to know how long she’s been working with them at SUR and Villa Blanca.

“Long enough to know that shouldn’t have happened at work and I’m very sorry.”

While the confrontation, which the Inquisitr reported on last week, was not seen in the sneak peek, comments made by Scheana Marie led fans to believe that Doute engaged in a fight with one of her managers after bringing Kunkel to SUR to confront Sandoval and his girlfriend, Ariana Madix.

“Kristen decided to go out of her way and find this girl on social media and contact her and now she’s in L.A. showing up to our work and I come out here, Ariana storms off upset…”

Upon hearing what Scheana Marie had to say about the fight, which Bravo recently shared a sneak peek of, Vanderpump wanted to know more.

“So Kristen is trying to screw up the relationship between Ariana and Tom and has somehow found the girl he cheated on? Listen, this is a personal thing. I can’t hold that against her, but one thing that really drives me crazy is if any of you disrespect management…You cannot be yelling and screaming. You can’t.”

This isn’t the first time Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd have had issues with Doute. As fans will recall, Doute was also in trouble earlier this season after drinking on the job and causing drama amongst her fellow employees. Because of that, Vanderpump is ready to let her go.

“Kristen has been here seven years. Time and time again we make an excuse for her and we let her back and she’s got so many problems, but now what do you do? You cannot have her disrespect management.”

While Vanderpump is ready to say “goodbye,” Todd isn’t so sure.

“You can’t fire her until you get her side of the story.”

To see if Ken Todd and Lisa Vanderpump decide to end ties with Kristen Doute, tune into tonight’s new episode of Vanderpump Rules at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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