Scott Disick Intervention: Kim Kardashian Tells Kourtney It’s Time To Step In

It has long been reported that Scott Disick is a party animal who suffers from alcohol and other substance abuse, despite the fact that he is the proud father of three children whom he shares with partner Kourtney Kardashian.

Scott’s issues came to light a while back, when he reportedly spent some time in rehab and overcame his urge to drink as a result of the program. But, as with anybody who has substance addiction, it’s a slippery road for Scott, and Kourtney and sister Kim reckon enough is enough.

Radar Online reported today that a source had revealed Kim Kardashian is allegedly pressuring her sister to literally step in and make a much needed intervention for Scott,

“Kim has told Kourtney that she should do an intervention for Scott. She said that he seems to be getting crazier and crazier. Kim thinks he’s going to really hurt the family because people aren’t going to want to hire him and that will hurt them financially. Kim told Kourtney that they can’t afford to have Scott not bringing in money too, and she said that her sister can’t do everything on her own now that they have three children.”

Sadly, it seems that Scott Disick never learns his lesson, even though last summer he was even hospitalized with alcohol poisoning. Nevertheless, for Kim, the whole thing has gone too far.

“Kim believes that Kourtney has to think of her children first and their future. She wants her sister to do an intervention to save her family now and not let him continue to spiral out of control. It is always about money for Kim, and she is trying to make Kourtney understand that she has to think responsibly about the future. That means stopping Scott from partying so that he can be a productive member of the family.”

While Kim Kardashian makes a point, if the source’s claims are proved to be true, it remains to be seen whether or not her sister Kourtney will indeed undertake a “Scott Disick intervention,” an intervention which has been a long time coming.