Blizzard Of 2015 Prompts Hilarious Memes On Social Media [Photos]

The blizzard of 2015 is creeping into the northeast, and that means people are rushing out to the supermarkets (for bread and milk, naturally) and gas stations in preparation. And then there are people who aren't overly concerned with Winter Storm Juno, which is set to dump about two feet of the white stuff over much of New England before Wednesday. Those people are busy creating and sharing some hilarious memes with their friends on the internet. According to Hollywood Life, there have been some pretty epic photos floating around Facebook and Twitter.

Check out some of the best ones below.

The blizzard of 2015 has been referred to as "snowmageddon" on Twitter. City officials have said that millions of people are going to be affected by this storm, and thousands will be without power.

People really can't avoid this serious brush of winter weather, so making jokes, and having some fun is only to be expected. E! News also posted some funny memes. Obviously social media has become a huge way for people to exchange information, and people have been talking to one another about the storm for several hours. This will continue right through the clean-up process -- and will pick up again just in time for the next storm.

To get some of the latest information including state of emergency declarations, snow totals, and travel bans, check out this article by the Inquisitr. If you are in an area that is expected to get clobbered by this historic storm, you should charge whatever device you are using to read this article, just in case the power goes out over the next 24 hours.

Are you ready for snowmageddon?

[Photo courtesy of Mark Buckawicki via Wikimedia Commons]