Kansas Teen Boys Pistol-Whip Girl And Shoot Her Dead In Random Attack, Police Say

Tara Dodrill

Three Kansas teenage boys are allegedly responsible for the pistol-whipping and shooting death of Alexis Kane, police maintain. The 14-year-old girl was found dead at the Kansas City Bay Water Park on January 11.

Alexis Kane is shown getting into a white Chrysler vehicle approximately an hour before she was found dead at the Bay Water Park in Kansas City. The footage also reportedly shows the car arriving at the water park at 5 a.m. Kane is then reportedly pistol-whipped and shot at least five times before being left for dead.

Isaac M Carter, 17, Ce-Antonyo D. Kennedy, 17, and Dominic McDaniel, 18, were all charged with first-degree murder in the Alexis Kane slaying after a two-week investigation into the killing concluded. Kansas City police also report that a passerby found the body of the eighth-grade girl early the following morning.

Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney Jean Peters Backer had this to say about the three teen boys allegedly pistol-whipping and shooting Alexis Kane.

"I cannot give you a reason that makes any sense. It's really about as terrible as I can imagine. She was only 14. She deserved a long life."

Kansas City police detectives are still attempting to determine how Alexis Kane came into contact with her killers. Friends of the 14-year-old girl told investigators that Alexis had been chatting online with an individual called, "Malik Suckaface" on Facebook just a few hours before she was violently murdered.

After communicating online with Malik Suckaface, Alexis Kane asked for ride to a local 7-Eleven store where a white Chrysler was waiting for her around 4 a.m., according to friends of the Kansas City teenager. Friends said they told Alexis not to get into the white Chrysler, but she ignored their pleas and got into the vehicle. The friends also said that they attempted to follow the vehicle which was allegedly driven by two men with dreadlocks, but ultimately lost track of the car.

The Bay Water Park surveillance footage captured Alexis Kane getting out of the car and then being pistol-whipped and allegedly shot multiple times by Ce-Antonyo Kennedy. The teenage murder suspect was arrested the day after Kane's body was found and has denied any involvement in the killing. Isaac Carter was allegedly shown firing more rounds into the 14-year-old's body after Kennedy allegedly finished the initial part of the attack.

"I don't want you standing where I am today. This is the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life," Alexis Kane's mother, LaShonda Kane, said during a press conference.

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