Brandi Glanville Wants To Film ‘Kandi Koated Nights’ With Kandi And Talk Sex

Brandi Glanville has never held back when it came to sharing her sex life and her fantasy. On the previous episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Brandi shared her sex fantasy with the other ladies, which included her husband having sex with someone else, and then not being able to stop despite her walking in. Perhaps, Glanville was remembering her sex life with her ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian.

In addition, Brandi Glanville has opened up about her sex life with Eddie, which consisted of threesomes with other women to keep their marriage hot and sexy. Many of the more traditional housewives felt that Brandi was crossing the line with her fantasy, and they would never have threesomes with their husbands to keep their marriage hot. Despite not getting much support from the other ladies, Brandi wants to keep talking about sex.

According to a new Examiner report, Brandi Glanville wants Kandi Burruss to invite her onto Kandi Koated Nights, so she can talk sex some more. Kandi has featured Claudia Jordan on the show, where she opened up about her sex life. Apparently, Glanville is a huge fan of the show, and she wants to be a guest on the show.

While Brandi Glanville got plenty of support from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans about going on the show, Kandi Burruss hasn’t actually formally responded to Glanville’s desire to film the show.

Glanville isn’t scared to open up about her sexual escapades. She has discussed her ex-husband, her random hookups and some sexual fantasies while filming The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In addition, Brandi has opened up about her ex-husband in her book, Drinking and Dating: P.S. Social Media Is Ruining Romance.

And maybe Glanville just wants to find someone who understands her humor. Not only did Lisa Vanderpump recently slam Brandi for just saying these sexual things for attention, but another housewife has also taken steps to keep Brandi quiet. Joanna Krupa has sued Glanville for slander because of some intimate details Brandi has shard about Krupa’s privates.

As for Eddie’s new wife, LeAnn Rimes doesn’t seem to think that Brandi Glanville’s comments are super fun. According to the Inquisitr, she has slammed the rumors, saying that with her, Eddie doesn’t need to go out and find someone else.

What do you think of Brandi Glanville possibly going on Kandi Koated Nights? Do you think she would just use this opportunity to bash her ex-husband’s sexual performance?

[Image via Bravo]