WWE News: Hollywood Action Star Arnold Schwarzenegger Set To Be Inducted Into 2015 WWE Hall Of Fame

Hollywood action star Arnold Schwarzenegger will be the latest celebrity welcomed into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. TMZ reported the story this morning that Arnold will be added to the Hall as part of the celebrity wing. Arnold is a big wrestling fan and has been on WWE programming a number of times over the years. His first big appearance was on WWE SmackDown in 1999, where got a bit physical with WWE star Triple H.

We saw him induct his good friend and WWE Legend Bruno Sammartino into the WWE Hall of Fame back in 2013, and he even made a WWE RAW appearance a little while back. So Arnold has been seen a good bit by WWE fans in the last number of years.

Arnold is known mostly for his work in Hollywood as an action star. He starred in huge blockbusters such as the The Terminator franchise, Conan the Barbarian, Total Recall, and many more during what many consider his peek period. He then continued his success in action movies when he took a major part in the action franchise The Expendables. However, acting is not all this former Mr. Universe has done in his life.

Schwarzenegger is also a former California Governor who was quite popular in office during his time. Arnold has done it all, and while we may never see him fully wrestle in WWE, he is worthy of the Hall of Fame. Arnold would be a great addition to the WWE Hall of Fame. He is one of the few action stars who came into WWE and was an instant hit with the crowd. People love Arnold, and his fan base includes many WWE fans, so the original crossover was pretty cool to see.

While he did not have a ton of memorable Attitude Era moments like Pete Rose did, for example, he has done enough to get in. He brought attention to WWE by having him there, so he served a tremendous purpose. Plus he did get a bit physical, and that is all WWE fans can ask from him.

WWE will most likely wait until next week to announce the induction, but it all depends on if WWE RAW will air tonight or not. The Hall of Fame will air on the WWE Network the night before WrestleMania 31 on March 28. It is uncertain who will induct Arnold, but we’ll most likely find that out relatively soon.

[IMG Credit: attitude.pl]