'Bachelor' 2015 Season Spoilers: Episode 4 Brings Sneaky Ladies, Epic Meltdown

Episode 4 of ABC's The Bachelor 2015 season with Chris Soules airs Monday night, and fans can't wait to sink their teeth into this one. There will be two group dates and one individual date, and Reality Steve's spoilers dish out some new tidbits on this episode. Will the ladies standing out as frontrunners change in the January 26 episode? Bachelor spoilers indicate that there will definitely be some interesting twists and turns.

Reality Steve's spoilers detail that during the lake and camping group date, two bachelorettes actually sneak into Chris Soules' tent overnight. He had already revealed Bachelor spoilers indicating that Kaitlyn Bristowe snuck in some quality time with Chris, but now it seems that viewers will see Ashley Iaconetti doing something similar as well.

While the editing may well make it appear that Chris sleeps with one of these ladies during the overnight group date, Steve says that's definitely not the case. Apparently, Ashley I. gets the group date rose during this one.

The one-on-one date this week is with Jade Roper, and it's a Cinderella-themed outing. The Soules sisters will actually decide on this one. They show up and chat with the seven bachelorettes who don't go on the camping group date and choose one lady for the individual date. It would seem that this date goes well, and Jade gets a rose.

Chris Soules and Jade Roper have a luxurious date on 'The Bachelor' Episode 4

The other group date, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, is a MuckFest charity run for the National MS Society. Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve detail that Jillian manages to win the race just as she anticipated, and she gets alone time with Chris during the evening while the other ladies return to the mansion.

There will be four ladies eliminated in this episode, at least one of whom heads out in wild fashion. Steve's Bachelor spoilers indicate that Ashley Salter will melt down in epic fashion, eliminating herself at the cocktail party ahead of the rose ceremony. She reportedly blows up at Chris Soules, saying he's not there for the right reasons. She then is said to blow up at production as well.

Four ladies will head home during this episode, and there might be a shocker in there too. Reality Steve's spoilers whittle down the possibilities, but he says that doesn't know for sure which ladies are left without roses. His Bachelor spoilers indicate that he thinks Jillian may end up not getting a rose and heading home, but he's not certain.

Reality Steve's spoilers say that Juelia goes home this episode, which may be a rough goodbye considering how she opened herself up to Chris during Episode 3. Steve says that he believes either Mackenzie, Samantha, or Nikki ends up being the other one sent home, with Mackenzie very likely to be left without a rose. Steve says that he believes if Jillian manages to snag a rose, then Samantha is likely to be gone.

Tune into ABC's The Bachelor 2015 season every Monday night to see how Chris Soules' journey to find love progresses. Episode 4 is sure to be filled with drama and tears between the camping date and Ashley's meltdown, and fans can't wait to see it all play out.

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