WWE News: Will Tonight’s ‘Raw’ Be Cancelled After Roman Reigns Win At The ‘Royal Rumble’?

After the extremely negative reaction in person and online to Roman Reigns winning the Royal Rumble on Sunday night, many fans took it a step further and cancelled their WWE Network subscriptions. Now, there are rumors that both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown could be in jeopardy this week as well.

Now, if Raw and SmackDown are cancelled this week, it won’t be due to the result of the Royal Rumble, but because of the huge winter storm in the Northeast United States. Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy has already issued warnings.

Since that tweet was posted, Wrestling News Source reports that Hartford, Connecticut Mayor Pedro Segarra said that WWE Rawshould be cancelled” this evening due to the winter storm. Raw is set to take place live in Hartford, Connecticut, this evening, and at least three feet of snow is expected to hit the area.

The winter storm is expected to begin this evening and last through Wednesday morning. This would also cause problems for the taping of SmackDown on Tuesday night as it is set to happen in Boston, Massachusetts.

The winter storm is being called “historic,” and WrestleZone states that it would likely affect tomorrow night’s taping more than the live Raw tonight. Still, the Mayor and Governor both believe any events on Monday night should be cancelled.

Some within WWE have already said they believe SmackDown will be postponed, but there has been no official word on Raw yet from the company. Dubbed the “Blizzard of 2015,” the storm could really cause problems for those attempting to get home after Raw tonight.

While no official word has come out, it appears the talent has already been told differently.

After the controversial ending to the Royal Rumble, WWE really needed tonight’s Raw to either clear things up or get the reaction of another crowd. It’s obvious that Roman Reigns’ victory did not please many at all.

UPDATE: WrestleZone is reporting that locals in the Hartford, Connecticut area have seen WWE packing up production trucks due to the winter storm. There is no word on what will air in place of Raw or when a make-up date could happen.

Now, there are already rumors that plans for WrestleMania 31 could be changed due to the reaction and WWE Network cancellations. Raw being cancelled may throw a big monkey wrench into the WWE’s plans for moving forward with any momentum and winning back disgruntled fans.

[Image via WWE]