George Clooney Divorce: Baby Desires Causing Amal Alamuddin To Rethink Marriage?

George Clooney divorce rumors just won’t quit. The latest rumor surrounds the couple’s supposed disagreement when it comes to starting a family. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Amal Alamuddin wants to become a mother and is ready to have a baby… but George isn’t exactly sure that he wants to be a dad. Allegedly. And this is something that George has been open about in the past… kids just weren’t his thing (but neither was a wife, so things can certainly change).

“George promised her they would start trying for a baby as soon as they were married – now Clooney has changed his tune and thinks they should wait a year,” reports Celebrity Dirty Laundry.

Of course, no one knows how much of this is actually true, but one would think that George (being the kind of guy that he is) would have worked out all of these details before tying the knot, right?

George Clooney divorce rumors circulated last week as well. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, OK! Magazine ran a cover story that claimed George and Amal’s marriage was a sham. The mag mentioned that the newlyweds were having “late-night screaming matches,” and that Amal was “refusing” to attend the Oscars on the arm of her husband. Evidently, Mrs. Clooney is already tired of being arm candy — if you believe everything that you read, that is.

Despite these repeated rumors that surface every other day with “new” information to “prove” they are legit, sites like Gossip Cop have done a fine job debunking them. Most recently, a rep for Clooney told the site that there was no truth to any of these stories and that people come up with this stuff just to “sell magazines.” It is a business, after all.

“These stories are made up for the sole purpose of selling magazines,” explained the rep.

Of course, if Amal Alamuddin doesn’t show up at the Oscars, people are going to talk. But, face it, she’s more than likely going to be with her husband. Although she has a very successful career, she is very supportive of her man, and the two seem to have a great level of respect for each other, which is not always easy to find in Hollywood marriages.

Do you think these George and Amal rumors are ridiculous? Do you think the two are going to last?

[Photo courtesy of Vantage News/FameFlynet via The Telegraph]