January 26, 2015
'Marvel Civil War' Writer On 'Captain America 3': 'Any Other Studio Could Screw It Up'

Original "Marvel Civil War" writer Mark Millar has given his official opinion on the upcoming Captain America 3, which is, of course, based on his work. Considered one of the biggest stories in Marvel Comics history, the "Civil War" storyline has been the subject of much trepidation for purists after realizing that Chris Evans' third character film will mirror it.

Making a true to the comics adaptation would be impossible, however, since there are three major studios involved, all of which are hesitant to let the others use their characters. 20th Century Fox owns the X-Men and all (openly) mutant characters, Marvel Studios owns the Avengers, and Sony has been trying as hard as they can to keep Spider-Man as their property.

Recently, it was revealed that Marvel and Sony have worked out a deal to let Marvel use Spider-Man for Captain America: Civil War, having been a major part of the original story in the comics. Nobody knows yet who will be playing the web-slinger in the movie adaptation of the "Marvel Civil War" storyline, but it won't be Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield.

Mark Millar is currently serving as a consultant for Fox and Marvel in their efforts to bring the characters to life in live action. Screen Rant says he has some decidedly positive words for what Marvel is doing.

"They're a money machine, they're amazing. Whatever they do is gonna be a billion dollar movie and it'll be great. You know as a fanboy I grew up, since I was 4 or 5 I planned to be Spider-Man. Even now I still think it's possible! I couldn't be more relaxed about it. Almost any other studio could screw it up. I'll just show up on the night and enjoy the film."
If the "Marvel Civil War" writer and consultant for the films has no anxiety about the upcoming Captain America sequel, the comic book purists might just have to accept it.

Cap 3 is in good hands, according to a long-time "fanboy."

[Image via Marvel Wiki]