Zayn Malik Has A Haircut And His Barber Becomes A Superstar

We are all well aware that everything Zayn Malik and his One Direction bandmates do instantly becomes big news. It seems that having a brush with Zayn or his pals can mean being thrust into the spotlight whether or not you want the exposure.

Just last week, Twitter went crazy when Zayn Malik visited the barber and had his long locks shorn. The Daily Mail reported that Zayn’s adoring fans kept a close eye on his locks throughout the latter half of 2014, as Zayn tried out a variety of hairstyles.

Shortly after 22-year-old Zayn’s birthday, he took to Twitter to unveil his new look, and predictably, his fans went crazy. Zayn’s tweet simply said, “Here Ya Go,” and had a photograph of Zayn wearing a rather fetching pullover and sporting his new hairstyle. The post was re-tweeted almost 300,000 times and favorited 400,000 times.


It seems that story doesn’t end there though. One thing you can be sure of is that when Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, or Liam Payne do something, One Directions fans want to know every little detail.

The Guardian reports, “Zayn Malik can’t even do something as simple as going for a haircut these days without making the barber an instant superstar.”

While some loved Zayn’s new look, others were not so enamored, but everyone wanted to know who had wielded the scissors. It turns out that the man trusted to trim Zayn’s treasured locks was Kieron Webb of The London Barber, and it wasn’t long before he found himself trending on Twitter.

MTV News reported, “Zayn debuted a new style courtesy of Kieron Webb, the Creative Director of The London Barber, which touts itself as an education company teaching men’s styling and hair cutting. Webb (thankfully) only uses the best tools for Zayn’s luscious locks, including TIGI Pro hand-made Japanese shears and a TIGI razor. Webb even flew into London for the cut, underscoring the critical importance of this new, fresh look.”

According to Yahoo! News, after the salon tweeted their own picture of Kieron working on Zayn’s new look, the hashtag #thelondonbarber began trending.


Almost unbelievably, Zayn’s haircut increased the traffic on the hashtag by almost 3,000 percent in one hour.


In other One Direction news, it seems that Zayn’s bandmates have all made their way to Los Angeles for final rehearsals for their next world tour. The On the Road Again tour kicks off in Australia of February 7. At present, it is not clear when Zayn will join them, as he has been working with his friend Naughty Boy in the studio. Will any of the songs Zayn has been working on make it into the tour setlist or appear on One Direction’s next album?

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