Kristen Stewart Feud With FKA Twigs Real?

Kristen Stewart is supposedly making some waves after discussing her ex-boyfriend and costar's new girlfriend, FKA Twigs, but are the two really feuding?

According to Fashion & Style, Stewart is speaking out about Robert Pattinson's new girlfriend and her motives, calling FKA Twigs a "famewhore" for wanting to date Pattinson. Ouch. It doesn't speak too highly of Pattinson's personality, does it?

Stewart is going so far as to "give advice to Rob," saying that he should "break up" with his latest squeeze for not being with him for the right reasons. Well, that's the pot calling the kettle black.

Pattinson and Stewart broke up after Stewart cheated on her sparkly, vampire-playing boyfriend with Rupert Sanders, the director of Snow White and the Huntsman, a film in which she was starring. Stewart and Pattinson parted ways in 2012.

Despite all the rumors and supposed tension between Pattinson's ex and current girlfriend, sources say that the whole story is bogus. The source, as seen in Fashion & Style, says that firstly, while Pattinson and Stewart were once close, now they "rarely speak to one another, much less open up about their current relationships to each other."

Also, the source defends FKA Twigs, stating that she has said in multiple interviews that she'd rather be known for her music than for her relationship because that proves everything.

It's hard to believe that Stewart could have time to waste on talking so poorly of her ex's new flame. Stewart has been seen with gal pal, although some refer to her as Stewart's girlfriend, Alice Cargile. The two have been spending a lot of time together getting coffee and kicking back on the beach.

Stewart has also been making the morning show rounds, appearing on the Today show and Live! With Kelly and Michael to promote her new movie.

Stewart has admitted that when she finishes a film, she needs to "decompress" by changing her appearance.

Stewart, according to the Mirror, has said that when she finishes a film, she feels the need to"either go scrape my knees, or get a sunburn, get a tattoo or chop my hair off."

Whether you believe it or not, there is one thing that is true. Kristen Stewart is currently starring in Still Alice alongside the Oscar nominated Julianne Moore.

[Photo Courtesy of The Huffington Post]