Kentucky Pharmacist Fights Off Knife-Wielding Robber With His ‘Ninja Skills’ And It Was Caught On Camera

A pharmacist in Pikeville, Kentucky recently experienced a scary situation that saw him come face-to-face with a robber wielding a knife. The problem is that it was a scary situation for the robber because the pharmacist wasn’t going to just let him take what didn’t belong to him, so he fought back, and it was all captured on camera.

LEX 18 reported that pharmacy owner Larry Fortenberry was preparing to close up his Kentucky store this past Wednesday when a man walked in. Fortenberry has said before that he knows that robberies happen, and he’s gotten himself ready if someone ever attempted to rob him.

“Don’t resist, say, ‘Take it, it’s yours.’ It’s not worth getting hurt, struggling over, losing my life.”

The owner of Pikeville Discount Drugs always liked to think that he could stay positive, calm and do whatever a would-be criminal told him to do. As he found out, that wasn’t exactly what happened when someone tried to take what rightfully belonged to Fortenberry.

“All that went out the window,” he said. “I wasn’t going to allow him to take my stuff.”

According to UPI, right before closing time on Wednesday, a guy calmly walked into the Kentucky pharmacy and casually walked near the register. As he approached Fortenberry, the man pulled out a knife and began to chase the store owner around the aisle.

As the video shows, that was when things turned bad for the attempted thief.

“I grabbed onto him,” he said. “I was able to get him back to the counter. I held on, held the knife away. He was constantly trying to stick me with the knife.”

Fortenberry was able to hold the knife away with one hand while pushing the robber behind the counter and keeping him contained there for 40 seconds with the other. From there, the store owner started shoving the thief toward the door of the store and pushed him outside.

The would-be criminal took off on foot and started heading toward the river. Fortenberry isn’t sure if it was an “adrenaline kick or whatever, the grace of God, angels supporting” him, but he said he just got “really mad and really angry.”

Once the surveillance tape started making the rounds, Fortnberry’s family was able to make light of things. They were able to do this since he wasn’t harmed in the attempted robbery.

“The comedic daughters I have, they said they didn’t know I had ninja skills.”

The knife-wielding robber has not yet been identified or caught, but he will surely think twice about trying to stick up a small pharmacy in Pikeville, Kentucky again.

[Image via LEX 18]