Adorable 15-Month-Old Has ‘Standoff’ With Her Daddy [Video]

Lola, a 15-month-old, had a standoff with her daddy as she was on top of the television stand. According to Reshareworthy, the toddler is quite sassy! She stands her ground while her dad tells her to get down, and she speaks to him in baby talk, not even saying any “real” words. The video was posted on YouTube on Jan. 17, and it already has over nine million views!

According to the Daily Press, the toddler “won” the argument, even though her dad picked her up at the end of the video. Oh, and while a lot of people are coming down on her dad for actually “yelling” at his little girl, it does seem to be all in good fun. You can also hear a woman (presumably the girl’s mother) laughing as she films.

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[Photo courtesy of YouTube]