October 26, 2016
'Captain America: Civil War' To Film In Atlanta, Downey Talks Iron Man In Film

New details on Captain America: Civil War emerged Monday via a casting call sheet and an Empire Magazine article. One reveals where the film will be shot and an initial synopsis while the other features Robert Downey Jr. talking the changes Iron Man will go through to put him in direct conflict with Captain America.

Captain America: Civil War will begin filming in Atlanta and Los Angeles from April 4 through August 8, 2015, according to Movie Casting Call. The site confirms it is looking for supporting roles and extras, but the main cast has already been set.

This is the second Marvel film to be shot in Atlanta. Ant-Man also had shoots in the tax-friendly Georgia capital while also shooting in San Francisco.

Chris Evans is obviously back as Captain America/Steve Rogers along with Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow and Sebastian Stan as Winter Soldier. Chadwick Boseman is in for Black Panther, as previously announced while Frank Grillo returns as Brock Rumlow (aka Crossbones). Interestingly, Anthony Mackie is not listed as Falcon here, but the casting sheet does appear to confirm that Daniel Brühl will play the villainous Baron Zemo.

Marvel Civil War - Captain America versus Iron Man

The casting call also provides the following synopsis that follows closely with the Marvel Civil War comic event.

In Captain America: Civil War, billionaire Tony Stark is pitted against Captain America aka Steve Rogers in an ethical face-off over the U.S government's Superhuman Registration Act, which requires all super powered individuals to register their powers and report to S.H.I.E.L.D.
So what causes this face-off between Iron Man and Captain America? The two weren't necessarily buddies in The Avengers and the events in Age of Ultron will lead to a difference in opinion on how to handle super powered individuals, according to Downey's interview with Empire.

"It's natural to change your views," Downey responded when asked about his character's change from Age of Ultron to Civil War. "The main thing to me is, what sort of incident could occur, and what sort of framework could we find Tony in? The clues about where we might find him next are in Ultron. But what would it take for Tony to completely turn around everything he's stood for? Joss brings this up all the time. It's kind of weird that these guys would have all these throw downs all over planet Earth and yet when the movie's over, nobody minds. What would the American government do if this were real? Wouldn't it be interesting to see Tony doing something you wouldn't imagine?

The question is, which of the two super heroes do fans root for? Downey thinks that Captain America has a little bad side in him as well.

"The biggest question is, for Chris and for Cap, how do we bring Cap to a place where people go, 'Man, I never thought I would see such a vast change in Steve.' After you see Snowpiercer, you're like, 'I want to see a little bit of that guy,'" Downey explained.

Captain America: Civil War will debut in theaters on May 6, 2016.

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