Suzy Cortez Flashes Nearly Bare Booty In Cutoff Jeans, Lionel Messi Jersey

Brazilian model and influencer Suzy Cortez, the winner of 2015's Miss BumBum pageant, flashed her famous assets once again in her most recent Instagram update. The post, which was uploaded for her 2.3 million followers to enjoy on Saturday, August 8, included a sexy snapshot that showed the 30-year-old wearing a pair of jean shorts that were cut off nearly to the waist and an FC Barcelona jersey emblazoned with soccer star Lionel Messi's name, as well as his No. 10.

In the caption, Cortez hyped Barça's Round of 16 Champions League matchup with Napoli on Saturday, opining that Messi and his team were on the path to their sixth title in the UEFA competition. Meanwhile, the post's comment thread was filled with replies from fans who seemed to care a lot more about her alluring physique in scanty clothing.

"The Queen of the world," stated one user.

"Hermosa," which translates to "beautiful" in Spanish, was repeated by several commenters.

The comment thread also featured a veritable bonanza of emoji from smitten fans, including hearts, fire and peaches.

In the photo, Cortez was captured with her back facing the camera. She appeared to be on the city streets when the picture was snapped, as a large building was visible in the background, a car was stopped nearby and the painted lines of a crosswalk were at her feet. However, Cortez made it difficult to look beyond her curvaceous body and its sinuous dimensions as she posed.

Although only her back was in the shot, what she showed managed to sizzle, as the Messi jersey clung tightly to her upper body and was cut off near the bottom of the numbers, revealing her lower back in the process. Just below her back, what remained of her jean shorts pleasingly conformed to her waist just above the hips and acted as little more than a flourish for her round, cheeky assets.

Cortez clutched a small, multicolored soccer ball with a star pattern against her legendary derrière as the photo was snapped. Just below her booty, the backs of her thick thighs were left exposed above what appeared to be a pair of thigh-high boots.

The São Paulo native's post proved to be a big hit on Instagram, racking up well over 10,000 likes in less than an hour after appearing on her feed.

Cortez has been providing sizzling snapshots on Instagram with some regularity of late. As shared previously by The Inquisitr, she wished fans a "Happy Thursday" earlier this week while clad in scanty lingerie.