She Smells So Nice: Jim Morrison and the Doors Release First Song in 40 Years [Audio]

The Doors, yes, those Doors, have released a new song. “She Smells So Nice” is the band’s first song in over 40-years and features the vocals of late singer Jim Morrison.

Contact Music reports that Producer Bruce Botnic, who helped create The Doors seminal album L.A. Woman, discovered “She Smells So Nice” while working on a remastering project.

The song was reportedly recorded during the L.A. Woman sessions but was never used because Morrison’s vocals are a little muffled. Still, there are plenty of Doors fans who are thrilled to hear Morrison’s voice again.

The song was originally released on the band’s Facebook page to mark the 40th anniversary of L.A. Woman.

Here’s “She Smells So Nice” from The Doors.

She Smells So Nice by The Doors Official

The Doors will soon be re-releasing L.A. Woman which will feature alternative versions of “Riders of the Storm,” “Love Her Madly,” 6 other songs.

L.A. Woman was the band’s sixth studio album and the last one recorded before Morrison’s death in 1971.

Are you a fan of The Doors? What do you think of the new song “She Smells So Nice?”