Tricks Chris Kyle’s Widow Taya Into Receiving A $62,000 Donation [Video]

While the movie American Sniper, based on ace Navy SEAL veteran Chris Kyle is making millions, real life hasn’t been an easy journey for the real-life character’s wife. Though money alone can never compensate for the irrecoverable loss of her husband, collected about $62,000 for his widow Taya Kyle. But what’s heartwarming is the way they offered her the donation.

A Non-Profit Organization (NGO), managed to overwhelm Chris Kyle’s Widow Taya Kyle with a substantial donation of $62,000 that it had previously collected from a hugely successful rifle raffle. The NGO openly auctioned off a total of five rifles on its site, however, the most hotly waited for rifle was undoubtedly a McMillan.338 Lapua sniper rifle. This rifle was most preferred by the most dangerous American sniper during his tours. This rifle was signed by Taya.

Kyle’s widow Taya was attending the 2015 SHOT Show Hunting and Firearms Conference in Las Vegas. She thought she was participating in a raffle for charity. However, the NGO surprised and overwhelmed Mrs. Kyle when they presented her with the check for $62,000. The NGO confirmed that every dime of raffle money is going to Taya and her family.

In a YouTube video captured at the 2015 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, Taya addresses an applauding crowd after learning about the money raised for her family,

“I don’t know what to say. It’s been a bittersweet journey, obviously, and I do feel that Chris is with me,” she says in the video.

Brian Sain, the co-founder of, shared his belief that it was important for him and the organization to show their support for Kyle’s family,

“I think America needs heroes like Chris. He was a diehard American.”

Sain had met Kyle in 2009, and the two formed a strong friendship. They discussed working together to help raise money and gear for troops overseas through However, before Chris could become an active member of the American Snipers Association, he was shot and killed February 2, 2013, at a gun range, alongside his friend Chad Littlefield. Surprisingly, Chris Kyle and his friend were allegedly killed by Marine Corps veteran Eddie Ray Routh, 25, who now faces murder charges in their deaths.

Taya Kyle recently pursued and killed an antelope in Chris Kyle’s honor. In a short film of the hunt released by Weatherby Inc., Taya talked of Chris’s love for hunting and her growing love for it as well.

[Image Credit | Andres Otero / WENN]