WWE News: Thousands Cancelling WWE Network Due To Royal Rumble Ending, Many Blocking WWE Talent From Leaving The Arena

WWE Royal Rumble just ended not too long ago, but don't tell that to the Philadelphia fans at the Wells Fargo Center. WWE fans at the arena were very angry with the Rumble match result. The Rumble match started off hot, and it only got hotter when popular star Daniel Bryan entered at No. 10. Once he arrived, he was beloved by fans, who cheered for him like crazy. However, WWE planned for Bryan to not last very long in the match. He may have spent around 10 to 15 minutes in the match before he was eliminated.

Once that happened, the crowd's energy went from a high to an incredible low. Then boos begin to happen, "No!" and "Daniel Bryan" chants flooded the arena. From then on, only three men in the match got cheered for really. Those men were Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose, and Damien Mizdow (Sandow).

Others like Bray Wyatt continued to be cheered off and on in the match despite being the one who eliminated the beloved Daniel Bryan, most of the crowd hated the show. Roman Reigns won the match, causing what was a bit of a booing fest to turn into an all out riot.

By the time the Rumble match ended, the boos were getting deafening.

While the Royal Rumble last year was a big issue with boos once Batista won, this go around, WWE had more boos than ever before. Even when The Rock came out to help save Roman from an attack by Kane and Big Show, he was cheered only for a short time. Once the two won the night, fans continued to boo. After the show concluded, everyone was trying to leave. Sadly, you don't leave a pissed off Philly crowd in one piece. Ask Santa Claus.

According to social media, fans at the arena were upset and showing it by not allowing anyone to leave. The fans were blocking everyone from getting out. Check out the tweet from Royal Ramblings talking about it.

"#WWE fans taking a stand against @WWE. Apparently fans are blocking talent's cars from leaving and thousands are canceling the @WWENetwork"
Roman Reigns

Eventually, Roman Reigns got out alive along with Bray Wyatt. Others were seen getting away as well. Another note, as the tweet alluded to above, was that the WWE Network is in jeopardy. The WWE Network canceling page online has crashed. Usually a crash only occurs when traffic is too high for the site to handle. That means thousands very well could be canceling tonight.

Due to WWE Network now being a one-month commitment with the ability to cancel any time, fans are being liberal with their cancelling option tonight.

WWE has to do something to change what happened tonight. The fans blocking talent from leaving is one thing, but to know that people all around the world are cancelling their WWE Network subscriptions should be a huge wake up call to WWE. If they do not do something on WWE RAW tomorrow to help resolve this problem or at least attempt to, a riot is the least of WWE's worries.

People will stop watching, and during WrestleMania season that is the worst thing imaginable.

Roman Reigns clearly is not as beloved as WWE wants him to be. The way they eliminated Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, and Daniel Bryan from the Rumble could be considered idiotic to most wrestling critics. In fact, I am using tame words compared to what social media is saying right now. WWE's Twitter page and certain wrestlers are being attacked by online fans.

Philly is not the only place upset about this; it is happening everywhere. A cyber riot is occurring as we speak and WWE Network subscriptions are dropping. It's your move, Vince McMahon. If there was ever a time for WWE to make a fast decision, at least to stop the bleeding, it's now.

[Lead image via WWE.com]