Kissing As A Science? Hot And Steamy Kissing Scene Shows Incredible Chemistry For Valentine’s Day

Though it seems like a simple act, kissing is more complicated than may be realized. Interestingly, there are reasons to all the feelings that occur during the connection. If you learn these kissing facts, a greater appreciation for the act can develop.

Interestingly enough, kissing opens your body to a variety of processes. Literally, biological excitement happens — which goes without saying — and the participants get incredible chemistry sensations.

Later in this article, a creative kissing example can be seen in the Toby-and-Pete directed remix of Disclosure’s “You and Me” video. Possibly, this kissing scene might — once you start watching — grab your attention and not let go. Also, as a complement to the scene, the music and video effects add to the intense kissing mood as it progresses.

Scientifically — as an example of physical reactions to the inner, biological processes being released — kissing is not just “kissing.” Think back on your first kiss. What happened — aside from total destruction and embarrassment? More than likely, even the thought of it made your pulse increase. Well, one kissing fact is that it increases a person’s pulse to at least 110 beats per minute (bpm).

The more intense the kiss, the higher the pulse rate. As can be seen from cartoons, kissing makes the characters go crazy. Though that’s not the way it happens in reality, it is an over-dramatized depiction of what’s happening with your biological systems.

Old Folks Kissing
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Kissing gives you a cardiovascular workout without all the “huff and puff.” Or does it?

In essence, this activity releases adrenaline amounts that cause the body to react in several capacities. Ever been kissing and notice you’re taking way more breaths than you would normally? With that increased heart rate, the lungs also begin to go into overdrive.

Whereas people generally take approximately 22 inhale-exhale repetitions per minute — when kissing, that is, for an extended period of time — they increase to approximately 65 repetitions per minute. So, ensure you have fresh breath during your kissing games. Biologically, you will breathe heavier.

According to an article from the University of Texas at Austin, the reactions while kissing are more dauntingly exciting.

“A good romantic kiss quickens our pulse and dilates our pupils, which is probably part of the reason so many of us close our eyes. Our brains receive more oxygen than normal and breathing can become irregular and deepen. Our cheeks flush, too, but that’s only the beginning.”

Sure, that further elaborates on what was aforementioned. But kissing also feels good, right? Ever wondered why? Well, the same source offers a clear explanation.

“There is an associated rise in the neurotransmitter dopamine, responsible for craving and desire. Meanwhile, serotonin spikes to stimulate obsessive thoughts about a partner. This is the same neurotransmitter involved in obsessive-compulsive disorder. Oxytocin, popularly called the ‘love hormone’, is involved in bonding, fostering a sense of attachment. This is the chemical likely responsible for maintaining a loving relationship over years and decades.”

Given this information, it’s clear to see why kissing affects and effects people accordingly.

Cartoon Kiss
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With all the different kissing techniques (i.e., French kissing, lip biting, etc.) and kissing tips available via the internet, Valentine’s Day should certainly be interesting for all couples who understand and enjoy the act of lip-locking.

This is the video of the hot and steamy kissing scene, as mentioned above.

Disclaimer: Video is risqué. Watch at your own discretion.

What are your thoughts? Is the video one of the best hot and steamy kissing scenes you’ve seen? Is kissing your thing, or not?

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