‘Little Couple’ Return Update: Jen Arnold Confirms New Episodes Are Coming [Updated]

Fans of The Little Couple starring Dr. Jennifer Arnold, Bill Klein, Will, and Zoey are dying for news regarding another season of the show. The last bunch of new episodes flew by quickly and the network hasn’t detailed anything formally regarding the show’s return. Arnold had indicated during the finale that there seemingly was more to come, and now she’s shared a tidbit of new information.

Arnold posted via Facebook that the show will be back, though Little Couple fans will have to wait a bit longer for specifics. While she had previously indicated that the most recent new episode was a mid-season finale, now she confirms that more is on the way.

The Little Couple star indicated that they don’t have specific dates quite yet, but they look forward to returning to TLC with new episodes at some point this spring. Jen also thanked everybody for their support, as fans adore Jen, Bill, Will, and Zoey and are always standing by them through the tough times they’ve had. Arnold’s post garnered more than 23,000 “likes” on Facebook in just a few hours.

The last fans saw of Jen, Bill, and the kids, Klein had undergone back surgery. Many Little Couple fans speculate that it may be that the last season felt so short, and things seemed up in the air, to perhaps give Bill time to recuperate and the family some time to just lay low. It’s definitely been a whirlwind year with Zoey’s adoption, Jen’s cancer, and now Bill’s surgery, so fans understand the need for a bit of quiet time.

From the looks of Jen’s latest Instagram posts, Will and Zoey are doing quite well these days. The family hit up a park, where the kids could do a lot of playing and exploring and it looks like they had a blast. Bill’s recovery continues, as he recently mentioned to a follower on Twitter that he would soon be tackling some physical therapy.

Fans may have to wait a bit yet for specifics regarding when The Little Couple will be back with new episodes, but most would say it’s a relief to have confirmation that the show will continue. Arnold just celebrated her anniversary of being cancer-free for one year and with Bill’s continued recovery, everybody is hoping that the family can embrace the new year with everybody being fairly healthy.

Though everybody will have to stay tuned for a Little Couple premiere date for the new season, fans continue to watch and support Dr. Jennifer Arnold, Bill Klein, Will, and Zoey via the family’s social media updates and hope that there is lots of great stuff ahead for them all in the new episodes to come.

Updated: The show is returning! The Little Couple will be back on TLC for a new season very soon and fans cannot wait to catch up with Jen, Bill, Will and Zoey.

[Image via TLC/Brian Bowen Smith]