French Bulldog Pixel Turns To Life Of Crime, Stealing Slippers [Video]

Some dogs will bring their master’s slippers. Others, like the French Bulldog Pixel, will steal them. This video posted by the Pixel YouTube channel called French Bulldog Pixel is Obsessed with Stealing Slippers shows the feisty bulldog in some of his most brazen robberies. Even when Pixel is caught, he’s often unwilling to give up the prize.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Pixel has been the victim of theft in the past. The French Bulldog has lost his bed a number of times to a house cat. He finally learned how to reclaim his bed, then turned to his own life of crime.

The Huffington Post reports the little French Bulldog named Pixel apparently just can’t resist slippers. You can see the joy on his face as he runs away with his stolen loot.

As the video description explains, he just loves slippers.

“This time Pixel is the one who steals. He absolutely loves slippers and when he gets one in his teeth, he oinks like a little happy piggy. With him around, you can’t leave any kind of shoes even for a second. He hunts them like it’s his only mission in life.”

Pixel’s owners have to make tough choices when it comes to slippers in the future. Hopefully, the little bulldog will eventually learn to deliver those feet warmers without damage or too much doggy drool.

[Image Credit: YouTube]