Weekend Box Office: 'American Sniper' Rules Again, 'Mortdecai' Fails Miserably

There were a few new films opening in theaters this week, but it was a fifth week of American Sniper that saw it continue rolling along with big numbers. The one new release that did really well was The Boy Next Door starring Jennifer Lopez as it ended up in second, but the Johnny Depp film Mortdecai flopped miserably.

The full numbers from Box Office Mojo won't be out until Monday as Sunday's numbers are just estimates, but they're usually quite close.

American Sniper brought in $64.4 million over the weekend in its fifth week in release. It easily took the number one spot and has brought its domestic earnings for five weeks up to $200.1 million.

Coming in second place was The Boy Next Door starring Jennifer Lopez, which made an impressive $15 million in its opening weekend. It was able to beat out Paddington at number three with $12.4 million.

The Wedding Ringer starring Josh Gad and Kevin Hart hasn't been met well by critics, but it did land at number four with $11.6 million. Taken 3 continues to do well as it rounds out the top five with $76.1 million.

1. American Sniper $64.4 million

2. The Boy Next Door $15 million

3. Paddington $12.4 million

4. The Wedding Ringer $11.6 million

5. Taken 3 $7.6 million

6. The Imitation Game $7.1 million

7. Strange Magic $5.5 million

8. Selma $5.5 million

9. Mortdecai $4.1 million

10. Into the Woods $3.9 million

Perhaps the biggest flop of the weekend was that of Mortdecai, the film starring Johnny Depp, Gwyneth Paltro, and Paul Bettany. It landed in ninth on the weekend box office chart with just a mere $4.1 million pulled in during its opening weekend.

As Collider reported, this is the fifth box office flop in a row for Depp. They are, in order, The Rum Diary, Dark Shadows, The Lone Ranger, and Transcendence. Mortdecai is looking like it isn't really going to get much better for him either.

The other new film this weekend was the animated Strange Magic from George Lucas, which obviously didn't have the success of Star Wars. It managed to chalk up just $5.5 million for its opening weekend.

American Sniper doesn't really seem as if it is slowing down at all and it is on pace to be the highest grossing war movie of all time. it surpassed Pearl Harbor over the weekend and is on its way to passing Saving Private Ryan, which brought in $216.5 million.

The weekend box office wasn't a huge surprise with American Sniper winning, but some people may have been shocked by just how bad of a performance came from Mortdecai.

[Image via wideopenspaces.com]