Adorable Video Proves Some Seals Love Dogs Too [Video]

Seals like dogs too, at least sometimes. A new video coming out of France shows an adorable little seal making his way across the beach and next to its new friend.

The video starts with the adorable little seal mingling with some humans, but its real love-target is an unsuspecting dog. The seal hops up to the canine and proceeds to put up its flipper for a hug.

The dog looks on, awkwardly wondering what is going on.

It may seem a bit strange for a wild seal to be so comfortable, both with humans and dogs. But as the Huffington Post reports, it’s not a sign the seal is sick, or even an unusual situation. Seals frequently come to the beach, making encounters with humans inevitable.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, one gutsy and curious seal pup even spent a two-hour nap on top of a woman in Antarctica. The woman, named Lea, was never in any real danger — neither was the awkward-looking dog.

As Roy Mangersnes from the Daily Mail explained, “Lea was not scared at all. These cubs are extremely curious, but are not threatening. The mother was not around so there was nothing to worry about. These cubs are still suckling and do not have teeth yet.”

Nevertheless, there are still rules one should follow when encountering a wild seal. Contrary to what you see in the video, International Fund for Animal Welfare warns that you should not pet wild seals. In the U.S., the Marine Mammal Protection Act states that humans are to maintain at least 150 feet between themselves and the animals.

[Image Credit: YouTube]