Jennifer Garner Won’t Starve Herself Anymore To Fit In A Dress

Jennifer Garner is one of the most girl-next-door-looking actresses in Hollywood in an era where the look has come more into fashion than ever, with other stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Shailene Woodley dominating much of the public’s attention. Garner receded from the spotlight in order to raise her three children with husband Ben Affleck.

An appearance in Dallas Buyer’s Club last year signaled that Jennifer was ready to return to the public, but there’s a few things from her old days that the actress doesn’t ever plan on revisiting, according to a recent interview with Yahoo. One of them? Garner says she’ll never return to extreme dieting, especially not for something superficial like fitting into an awards show dress.

“I mean, believe me, there’s always a point in the fitting where I feel like, ‘Why I didn’t I just try to lose four pounds and then I could wear any dress?’ I just can’t though. I dieted for so long in the middle of doing Alias and being a superhero, that there’s something in me that can’t do anything that extreme.”

Jennifer talked about how well-adjusted she feels in the joy she has found as a mother, and part of that means not saying “no” to things that she loves.

“Oh, I never do that. I don’t wear crazy dresses. With food I’m probably good 80% of the time. I’ve found out that I cannot pass up pizza without having some. I just can’t! My kids have a lot of pizza. I can’t go to a kids birthday party without having a slice… Last night, I had some blue corn chips and cheddar cheese. And I have a photoshoot today! You know, whatever.”

In the interview, Garner also talked about how measures taken by Halle Berry and Kristen Bell have made the environment to raise her children in much more comfortable. Most tabloids have agreed to stop printing photos of celebrity kids like Jennifer’s altogether — something that has drastically changed their day-to-day lives, according to Garner.

“It’s changed my kids’ lives! It’s been over a year, and there isn’t a day, that we don’t talk about how different it is. If they’re right outside your house, then when your kids wants to learn to ride a bike, it’s very uncomfortable. They don’t want to go biking in the middle of a photoshoot. But now my kids can go out and just go for a walk or go to the mailbox—things that we just didn’t do. Sometimes I still have paparazzi, myself, and sometimes they will shoot my kids, and I keep track of it. I will definitely take them to court if I have enough to make a case.”

Jennifer Garner will continue to hit the screen next year with Danny Collins. She is also currently in pre-production for DJ Caruso’s The Tribes of Palo Verde, according to IMDB.

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