Man Purchases ISIS Sex Slaves, But What He Does Next Will Make You Weep Tears Of Joy! [Video]

Over the course of last year, people have become aware of the newest terrorist group in the Middle East causing far more terror than any other terrorist group before. The Islamic State — also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and The Levant (ISIL), but more so as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) — has terrorized all within their path. However, the biggest atrocity the Islamic State has ever committed is their treatment of women, for they justify turning them into sex slaves. The Inquisitr reported numerous times on ISIS sex slaves. Apparently, most ISIS sex slaves are Yazidi girls, though there are Muslims and Christians, too. The pricing of the girls seems to favor pedophilia, as the most expensive slaves are only one-year-old. As for the conditions these ISIS sex slaves experience, they are so horrific that one Yazidi girl wanted the West to bomb her brothel with her in it. She couldn’t stand being raped over thirty times all “before lunchtime.”

One Iraqi man is garnering attention for purchasing many of the ISIS sex slaves whenever he can. However, what he does to them will truly make anyone with an emotional heart weep tears of joy. The Iraqi man purchases the ISIS sex slaves with the intent to reunite them with their families.

According to an exclusive article by Walid Shoebat, the Iraqi man — who remains unnamed — purchases ISIS sex slaves and unites them with their husbands, fathers, and family. In their report, they were able to provide a video from Rudaw, through StreamDZ, showing just one of the times one of purchased ISIS sex slaves is reunited with her father. Prior to what is shown in the video, he infiltrated ISIS under the guise of the dealer and purchased the Yazidi girl. The video of the Yazidi girl being united with her father is attached above for your viewing.

Words cannot describe how amazing this unnamed Iraqi man is for what he is doing. Now that you’ve seen the video of him uniting a Yazidi girl, who was a ISIS sex slave, with her father, what are your views? Does it fill you with joy knowing the video isn’t a one-time ordeal and that the man is continuously putting himself in danger to purchase ISIS sex slaves just so he can unite them with their families?