June 29, 2017
How Is 'Mortdecai'? The Verdict Is In: Yet Another Flop From Actor Johnny Depp

How is Mortdecai? The movie, starring Johnny Depp, is by almost all accounts... absolutely awful!

Audiences are apparently way ahead of movie reviewers when it comes to the perceived awfulness of Depp in Mordecai.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the movie is expected to only manage a measly $4.6 million in ticket sales during its opening week in theaters.

And with word-of-mouth spreading, it's doubtful that the Johnny Depp-led movie will improve in the coming weeks.

At present, Mortdecai enjoys a painful 12 percent "rotten" rating on Rotten Tomatoes, thanks to practically all of the reviewers finding fault with the latest Depp movie.

James Verniere of the Boston Herald declared Johnny Depp's character Mortdecai to be "a poor man's Inspector Clouseau." Emphasis on poor.

This point is driven home in the ScreenRant review of Mortdecai by Sandy Schaefer.

"Based on author Kyril Bonfiglioli's 1973 Charlie Mortdecai novel Don't Point that Thing at Me, [M]ortdecai lacks the wit and charm that would've been necessary for this farcical pastiche to work, resulting in another disappointment from Johnny Depp."

"Mortdecai is an often strange mixture of humor, blending inoffensive comical irreverence that recalls the Steven Martin Pink Panther movies from the 2000s (which are caper throwback similar to Mortdecai) with decidedly more adult gags and raunchy material that tends to be more crass than clever."

In other words, the Johnny Depp movie tries to be more clever than it is and yet as far as most moviegoers and critics are concerned, the efforts largely fell flat.

If it's any consolation to those associated with Mortdecai, not every critic outright hated the film.

Amy Nicholson of L.A. Weekly said Mortdecai would have been a top comedy in 1965.

As for 2015, Nicholson lamented that there's "no room at the modern multiplex for an homage to kooky classic comedy." She noted that the only exception is when the genre is being mocked, as was the case with the wildly successful Austin Powers.

Of course, Mike Myers is well-versed as a comedic actor in the art of playing various characters. Johnny Depp, on the other hand, seems to be giving his roles the Adam Sandler treatment.

Given the fact that no one expects to laugh at a Sandler movie these days, it's safe to say that Depp may want to back away from these type of roles.

When one makes a series of flops, there is a word that often follows: box office poison.

Why do you think Johnny Depp has started to make so many bad movie decisions?

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