Where To Watch Miss Universe 2015 Pageant Online? Live Stream, Start Time And Social Media Information

The 63rd Annual Miss Universe 2015 pageant takes place tonight on NBC. The program will feature 88 contestants from all over the world vying to win the title “Miss Universe.” However, many are wondering where they can watch the 2015 Miss Universe pageant online.

According to NBC, the 63rd Annual Miss Universe 2015 pageant will be available for viewing online through the website’s live streaming option. However, in order to view the program, users may be asked to input their cable provider information. Don’t have a cable provider? No worries, there are plenty of other ways to follow the action for this year’s Miss Universe pageant. NBC has a special Miss Universe section that contains photos and snippets from behind-the-scenes action. The photos include images of the contestants in their “national costumes” as well as evening gowns and swimsuits on the beach.

The program will air tonight at 8 p.m. EST until a winner is crowned. Once the pageant is underway, those interested in following the beauty pageant action can follow the 63rd Annual Miss Universe via the pageant’s official social media accounts. The Miss Universe Facebook page is already teeming with photos, short videos, and a “You ask the final question” promotion, in which one reader’s question will be asked to one of the Miss Universe contestants in the Final Question round.

The official Miss Universe Twitter feed will be updated throughout the evening with information on the contestants and latest standings. You can also follow the hashtag #MissUniverse for updates from all Twitter users. The official Miss Universe Youtube Channel also plans to house snippets of the events as they unfold. There is currently a teaser trailer up on the site.

If you are interested in learning more about the preliminary rounds that led up to tonight’s special, the Miss Universe website contains a number of videos and information from the preliminary events. The website also contains individual information about each contestant.


Miss USA is Nia Sanchez. Her bio describes Sanchez as a born and raised California girl. She loves to travel and has been to over 15 countries. Interestingly, she is a 4th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and also a certified instructor.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, there has already been some controversy surrounding some of the contestants in this year’s pageant. The Miss Universe contestant from Lebanon caused controversy when she was seen in a selfie with Miss Israel.

Do you plan to watch the 63rd Annual Miss Universe 2015 pageant this evening? Will you be attempting to watch the pageant on television or on the live streaming option?