Customer Orders Burger King Sandwich In Drive-Thru, Gets Bag Of Cash Instead

A customer who accidentally got a bag full of cash at a Burger King drive-thru in New Hampshire on Friday after ordering a beverage and BK sandwich considered keeping the money. She credits a higher power for returning the thousands of dollars mistakenly given to her at the fast food restaurant, according to news coverage by

Rochester resident Janelle Jones pulled into a Burger King drive-thru at 250 North Main St. for a quick bite. There, she ordered a junior chicken sandwich and sweet tea. Moments later, she pulled around to retrieve her order, paid, and was on her way to her residence.

At some point along the journey home, the woman discovered that the ordered items were not inside the bag, but for an instant, it appeared as if she struck it rich. Inside the bag was several thousand dollars in cash — $2,631 to be exact. The woman called her husband and told him about her bounty, but he instructed her to come home and call the local authorities about the Burger King bag of cash. At home, they realized that the money was the restaurant’s bank deposit.

Inside was also a loose $100 bill. Jones’ husband, Matthew, admitted that for a brief moment, he and his wife considered keeping the money accidentally given away at the Burger King location. However, because they are strong in their faith, temptation didn’t get the best of them.

“We are not perfect human beings. Jehovah sees everything. It felt a lot better than keeping it.”

Burger King, as of late, has been acting more like a bank or financial institution instead of a fast-food restaurant. The Inquisitr reported on a story that involved a California eatery back in November. Then, an assistant manager at BK discovered an abandoned bag at the San Jose location.

Upon looking inside for a phone number or identification, the manager found bands of cash. Police were called, and after taking a tally, they counted $100,000. It’s unknown if they owner was ever located.

Staff at the Rochester location did confirm the couple’s story, but provided no additional details on the incident. Meanwhile, the wife said it all turned out for the better in the end.

Apparently, the employee responsible for the error didn’t receive a termination because the money was recovered. And as consolation, the Jones’ received a warm letter of thanks from Burger King and five free future meals.

[Image via: WGNtv]