‘The Walking Dead’: Is Daryl Dixon In Danger Of Being Replaced By Morgan Jones? See A Deleted Scene [Video]

Many fans of The Walking Dead love Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon, but Lennie James’ Morgan Jones is also a fan favorite. Morgan is about to catch up to Rick Grimes’ group of survivors, and a deleted Walking Dead scene hints that Daryl should be very worried about his second-in-command position whenever he does.

Rick Grimes considers Daryl Dixon a brother, and the redneck’s hunting and zombie-killing skills definitely make him an invaluable part of the group of survivors. However, Dixon is a man of few words, and he doesn’t always make the best decisions when it comes to what’s best for the group — Beth Greene might still be alive if Daryl had sided with Rick instead of Tyreese during the planning stage of the hospital siege.

Morgan Jones’ crazy booby traps are evidence that he’s always thinking ahead, and he’s probably killed more walkers than Daryl Dixon. In the episode “Clear,” Walking Dead fans learned that Morgan was on a mission to take out as many of the undead as he could. Daryl’s survival skills might match those of Morgan, but Rick’s former acquaintance has something that Daryl does not: a way with words.

Fansided recently shared an emotional deleted scene from The Walking Dead that shows Morgan preaching to Rick about how “everybody turns.” And he’s not talking about becoming a zombie.

Morgan Jones was more than a little cuckoo when Rick encountered him during the third season of The Walking Dead, but he proved that he’s no Daryl Dixon when it comes to expressing himself. Jones is more emotionally mature than Norman Reedus’ character, and Rick Grimes might appreciate having a companion who isn’t afraid to share his thoughts — the old friends can try to heal their tortured souls by having deep conversations about what they’re thinking and feeling. Rick also has a special connection to Morgan because he was the first human being the sheriff’s deputy encountered after waking up from his coma.

Luckily for Daryl Dixon, Morgan Jones probably won’t catch up to the group of survivors in the near future. During an interview with the Huffington Post, Josh McDermitt hinted that fans might not see Jones during the second half of Season 5.

“The answer to this — any sort of detail I’m gonna screw it up — just, I’m not confident of the details… as Morgan kind of showed up to the church in the last episode, and he saw the map and everything, the greenery had grown up over some of the vines to show that several months have past. I don’t think that Morgan is around the corner.”

It looks like Daryl Dixon’s second-in-command spot is safe — for now.

In the deleted scene above, Morgan talks about his experiences with other survivors. The Walking Dead fans are probably curious about the other living people Jones encountered after Rick left his house in search of Lori and Carl, so perhaps viewers will get some Morgan flashbacks during Season 6. As the Inquisitr previously reported, a character from The Walking Dead spinoff will appear in a six-episode arc on the original show. Maybe Morgan will encounter than character in his flashbacks.

Do you think Morgan Jones will replace Daryl Dixon when he catches up to Rick’s group on The Walking Dead?

[Image credit: AMC via Moviepilot]