January 25, 2015
Chris Pine On New 'Star Trek 3' Writer Simon Pegg: 'We Are Worried'

Star Trek 3 has had a revolving door of backstage players in the past few months. While cast members Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, et al., seem set in their positions, the movie has gone through a series of directing and writing changes. The latest of those changes finds Simon Pegg, who plays Scotty in the franchise reboot, signed on to co-write a new script.

Pine joked about Pegg's new job and what it means for the rest of the Star Trek 3 cast, who may be competing for screen time.

"We are worried. [We fear] vast, vast Simon Pegg monologues."
Despite the jabs, Pine was clear that Pegg made sure there were no hard feelings between himself and his cast mates. Pine also said the fact that his co-star is now writing the dialogue does not mean he has any sneak peeks into the new story lines.
"Yeah, he sent an e-mail to all of us, and we're all really excited. What we enjoy about it is that we have a laugh. We want to make sure that that's still embedded in there, so to have Simon writing it is the perfect fit... We are quite literally the last people in production to read the script. I get calls from Catering, they're like, 'Hey, great script man! You have some fun stuff to do!'"
Pine made the statements to MTV while he was at the Sundance Film Festival promoting Z for Zachariah. Pegg's involvement was confirmed over Twitter by his official account.Roberto Orci co-wrote Star Trek and Star Trek: Into Darkness, and was set to write and direct Star Trek 3 after J.J. Abrams left the franchise to work on the new Star Wars film. Orci was replaced as director, according to the Guardian, over studio concerns with his script. He will no longer write or direct, but will still act as producer. According to On Location Vacations, the new Star Trek film will finally begin filming in Vancouver this April.In other Star Trek news, Patrick Stewart, who played Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the Next Generation installment of the franchise, confirmed in a Facebook Q&A that he would consider revisiting the role, although he fessed up to some potential limitations.
"Absolutely … if it were a really good script. But, the poor soul is getting old and long in the tooth. He would probably need some help mounting his horse unlike the youthful captain of 30 years ago."
The new Star Trek film is set for 2016 release.