Monster Blizzard Like ‘We’ve Never Seen Before’ Headed To Northeast Could Reach Hurricane Level

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is warning New Yorkers to prepare for the worst in regards to Monday’s anticipated monster blizzard. The Northeast is expected to be pummeled with a snow storm that was described as “a storm the likes of which we’ve never seen before.” Mayor Bill de Blasio says that New Yorkers should think of the snow storms they have experienced in the past and “prepare for something worse.”

Reuters reports that Mayor Bill de Blasio has said that this storm could be “the biggest snowstorm in the history of the city.” Residents of New York City were told to stay off the roads and prepare for the worst. The National Weather Services has already issued a blizzard warning as of Sunday morning for the area that covers northern New Jersey through southern Connecticut. This area also includes highly-populated New York City. The warning states that those in the blizzard warning area can expect 20 to 30 inches of snow with winds gusting 55 to 65 mph. The forecast warns that residents should expect white out conditions.

According to CNN, it isn’t just New York preparing for the worst. The Massachusetts emergency management officials have announced to the public to prepare for a winter that may be “historic and destructive.” Emergency management crews in Massachusetts are warning that travel may be impossible and life threatening on many roads.

However, it does not appear that all citizens believe the hype as many feel prepared for the blizzard. Christine Carew, a sales associate at Charles Street Supply in Boston told CNN that people have been coming into the the hardware store since it opened on Sunday morning to get last minute supplies. However, she says that “we are prepared for it” as the weather is “typical” and residents were warned in advance. They “know what is going to happen.”

Regardless of how prepared residents may be, emergency management crews are encouraging everyone to stay off the roads as the blizzard comes in on Monday. According to weather forecasts, the storm is expected to begin Monday and not let up until Wednesday. The forecast notes that “a major nor’easter is likely to develop on Monday and move up the northeast coast.”


As the Inquisitr previously reported, the blizzard is expected to bring massive snowfall totals in New England which has resulted in storm cancellations and travel delays to already begin.