January 25, 2015
Dianne Wiest Broke, Oscar Winner Can't Afford Her Rent

Actress Dianne Wiest has admitted that she's struggling to pay her rent because of the lack of high-paying acting work available.

The 66-year-old made this revelation to the New York Times, via The Hollywood Reporter. Wiest explained that her lack of funds means that she is going to have to move out of her apartment in the near future.

The two-time Oscar winning actress declared, "I have to move out of my apartment soon." Page Six has reported that Wiest lives at West 79th Street and Broadway in New York City.

Wiest is set to appear in Rasheeda Speaking, a new play that has been written by Joel Drake Johnson, in the next few weeks. Previews for the dark comedy, which will run off-Broadway at the Signature Center, will start on Tuesday.

Rasheeda Speaking is being directed by Sex and the City actress Cynthia Nixon. The dark-comedy examines post-racial America and revolves around two co-workers who are driven apart by their boss.

During her interview, Wiest also described numerous occasions where she was silenced and ignored by her colleagues while her male counterparts were praised for speaking their minds.

Wiest won her best supporting actress Academy Awards for her performances in 1986's Hannah and Her Sisters and 1994's Bullets Over Broadway. Both films were directed by Woody Allen.

However, after her work in those films Wiest found that she was only being offered "nice mom" roles in movies. "That's all that ever came, except in theater," Wiest explained.

"The parts that I sometimes get offered, I'm like: Really? I'm at the top of my game, and you want me to do this?" she added.

When she was asked if she was now considering writing her own roles to try and create more work for herself, Wiest was rather relaxed about the entire situation.

"I think that if it's meant to happen, it will happen," she declared. However she also admitted that she's very aware just how preacarious her current predicament is, as she then added, "Which is I guess a real sign of stupidity."

Since 2009, Dianne Wiest has only appeared in six films, which has included, Rage, Rabbit Hole, The Big Year, Darling Companion, The Odd Life of Timothy Green and The Humbling. Meanwhile she has also appeared on television in the likes In Treatment and The Blacklist too.

[Image via Uludagsozluk]