Blake Shelton Mocks Country Music Videos With ‘Wishin’ Boot’ On SNL [Video]

Even though Saturday Night Live is famed for its musical performances, country musicians have been pretty narrowly represented on the late-night comedy sketch show over the years — even the likes of country royalty like Blake Shelton and wife Miranda Lambert. That might be because SNL‘s core audience — lovers of Tina Fey’s send-up of Sarah Palin and Will Ferrell’s George W. Bush — aren’t in the same group as the average country fan who spends their time blasting Blake’s “Home” or “Neon Light.”

When Shelton stopped by on Saturday’s show, he was an extremely good sport by playing in a sketch making fun of the most dragged-out stereotypes of country: faith, hardship, and wishin’ boots. Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant joined in on a sketch where they mercilessly parodied the worst clichés of country music. McKinnon starts out the video lamenting her poverty-stricken life before being blessed by a “wishin’ boot” in a life-affirming chorus accompanied by Blake.

Blake Shelton is no stranger to television, holding an essential part on popular singing program The Voice. Blake recently appeared to admit that he was drunk while on the show, possibly because Shelton has a problem with Cristina Aguilera, previously reported Inquisitr.