WWE News: Injured Former NXT Star Confirmed To Return At ‘Royal Rumble’

There are so many rumors flying around regarding who will and who won’t be at tonight’s WWE Royal Rumble. So far, only 17 names have been confirmed for the rumble match after three were pulled by WWE. Now, there has been another name confirmed to appear and it will be a former NXT star that’s been injured for a few months.

WrestleZone reported that former NXT star Bo Dallas has now been confirmed to show up at the Royal Rumble. There has been no specific mention of what Dallas could do, but since he won’t be in one of the individual matches, it’s expected for him to be in the battle royal.

The official announcement actually came from the NXT Facebook page in a bit of a subtle post.

royal rumble nxt bo dallas

As you can see, it makes note of wondering what other former NXT stars could make an impact at the Royal Rumble. Dallas has been out of action since November with a foot injury, and there hasn’t been mention of his name in months.

There are a couple of other former NXT superstars on the card, but not listed for the rumble match. The Ascension will be facing their first real tag team challenge in WWE when they face off with the New Age Outlaws, who returned at the Raw Reunion.

Ascension Royal Rumble

Bo Dallas was last feuding with Mark Henry before getting injured, and he had actually picked up a few victories over the “World’s Strongest Man.” Then, Dallas got injured and then Henry got injured, as well.

The former NXT star is only one of many rumored returns or appearances for the Royal Rumble.

So far, there have been a huge number of names mentioned or discussed as possible surprise entrants in the big match. Throughout the past week, the news has really heated up as they’ve included The Rock, Rob Van Dam, Diamond Dallas Page, Randy Orton, X-Pac, and the Dudley Boyz.

None of them have been confirmed, obviously, and it’s quite possible that none of them could show up. The greatest possibility appears to be RVD right now, but that’s still meant to be a “surprise” by WWE.

The Royal Rumble is the true start on the “Road to WrestleMania 31,” and there is so much that could happen tonight. Some are hoping that a former NXT talent won’t just return, but debut as well.

Could Sami Zayn, Adrian Neville, Hideo Itami, Kalisto, Kevin Owens, or Finn Balor make their main roster debut in WWE?

[Image via WWE/Facebook]