Man Proposes At Australian Open, 15,000 People Cheer

Man Proposes at Australian Open

In front of 15,000 spectators at the Australian Open, a man popped the question. Luckily for him, the marriage proposal was a success and the crowd cheered. Then again, maybe the woman just felt a bit of pressure from the event. After all, it would have been difficult to let down such a huge group of people, or force the boyfriend to sit back down in awkward silence.

According to the Telegraph, there was a small break between set two and set three in a match between Novak Djokovic and Fernando Verdasco in the Rod Laver Arena on Saturday night. That’s when he made his move.

When the woman said ‘yes’ to the marriage proposal, the crowd burst into applause. Even Novak Djokovic cheered for the happy couple.

After winning the match, Djokovic took the mic and said this of the joyous occasion.

“It’s one of these moments you remember forever. Not just for them but for everybody who was [in Australia at that moment]. They’re going to spend their life together so I wish them all the best.”

Still, the marriage proposal wasn’t the only happy event in the Australian Open match. According to the Examiner, Djokovic gave a shout-out to his mother, who was celebrating her birthday that day. The crowd naturally began to sing the Happy Birthday song in another celebration.