Conspiracy Theorists, Hacker Group 'Anonymous' Reportedly Blame Government For David Crowley's Death, Insist He Was Assassinated

On Jan. 17, Gray State filmmaker David Crowley, his wife Komel Crowley, and their 5-year-old daughter, Rani, were found dead inside their Minnesota home. According to CBS Minnesota, the Apple Valley Police Department has confirmed that there were no signs of intrusion or struggle from any members of the family. The Hennepin County Medical Examiner has also deemed their deaths as an apparent murder-suicide.

Based on the evidence found at the scene of the crime, Crowley, an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran, allegedly shot his wife and daughter before taking his own life. All three of them died from gunshot wounds to the head. The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and the Dakota County Sheriff's Office recently stated that the deaths appeared "suspicious" and the investigation will be ongoing. However, police aren't the only ones analyzing the details surrounding Crowley's death. Conspiracy theorists are also questioning whether Crowley's death was a murder-suicide or assassination?

But, why would anyone want to assassinate Crowley and his family? Conspiracy theorists and the hacker group Anonymous have stated several reasons why someone would want to kill Crowley and it all stems from the controversial, "anti-government" film Gray State. For those who don't know, the not-yet-completed film reportedly exposed hidden details about a government takeover and the volatile state of law enforcement after an American crisis.

There is reportedly a conspiracy where the government has been accused of taking out anyone who exposes private practices that should never be made public. Mad World News cited the mysterious death of Rolling Stone author Michael Hastings and his controversial article about Bowe Bergdahl, Private First Class. Hastings' article revealed sensitive details about Bergdahl possibly being traded for five Taliban prisoners. A year after the detailed article was written, Hastings was killed in a car accident. Although a car crash seems like a justifiable accident, conspiracy theorists argued that the crash may not have been accidental.

Now, Forward Progressives reports that conspiracy theorists are alleging that government is responsible for Crowley's death and that it was done to silence him and shut down the Gray State film project. A Facebook memorial page titled "Justice For David Crowley of Gray State" has also been launched. Several conspiracy theorists reportedly voiced their opinions about the questionable murder-suicide. On Jan. 22, a video with alleged evidence that Crowley was murdered was also shared on the page.

A member of the hacker group Anonymous has also questioned Crowley's death via Twitter. A Twitter user with the name @Anonymous_Guy13 bluntly insists the family was assassinated. The user recently tweeted about the "anti-government" filmmaker's death with a link to a detailed report about the nature of the film.

According to AnonHQ, Crowley stated in a 2012 interview that he felt it was his responsibly to spread the message about the possibility of a United States decline in wake of a New World Order. The InfoWars interview describes the film as "a highly-anticipated independent film envisioning a brutal police state, martial law crackdown, complete with biometric identification, a ubiquitous surveillance state, and FEMA storm-troopers rounding dissidents up into camps."

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