Mom Of 5 Discovers Husband’s Infidelity After His Horrific Murder By Lover’s Angry Spouse

A mother of five young children was left a widow at the age of 28 after her husband was murdered by his lover’s angry spouse. Ashlee Birk lived two nightmares at once as she coped with losing her husband to a horrific act of murder while simultaneously finding out her husband had been unfaithful. Not only did Birk have to deal with the fact her husband was gone, she also had to try to forgive and love again following the discovery of the affair.

The Daily Mail reports that Ashlee Birk was grief-stricken when she found out that her husband had been brutally murdered. However, her grief only got worse when she found out the reason for her husband’s demise. Emmett Corrigan, Birk’s former husband, was shot to death by his secret lover’s angry husband. When Birk learned that her husband had died at the hand’s of his lover’s spouse, she was shocked. She had no idea that Corrigan had been having an affair, let alone one that would leave the couple’s five children without a father.

Though the experience was challenging and horrific, Birk says she was able to forgive and finally find happiness. Birk has outlined her journey of recovery on her blog where she discusses how she has dealt with such a tragic event in life. Birk notes that the blog was originally intended to “give her children strength” but has since began a new mission — to help others and “potentially save another life.”

Birk discusses the details of the affair that she discovered after Corrigan’s death. Birk says the affair began when she was pregnant with the couple’s fifth child, Tytus. The secret lover was Kandi Hall, a paralegal at his law firm. Birk says that she had no idea the affair was happening until March 12, 2011, when police would arrive at her door to tell her that her husband had been murdered by his lover’s husband. Police informed Birk that her husband had been having an affair with his paralegal, Mrs. Hall.

Police told Birk that Hall’s husband stormed out of his home in the early morning hours with a gun after finding out about his wife’s affair. He ended up in the Walgreens parking lot where his wife and Corrigan were seen shopping together. Mr. Hall would walk through the Walgreens looking for the lovers before going to his vehicle and waiting seven minutes for the pair to emerge. Hall would then shoot Corrigan in the head and heart, killing him.

Birk said the whole murder and affair left her feeling like she lived in a constant state of “torture.”

“This torture was a slow motion detailed description of not only the horrible choices my husband was making, but the details of how two bullets sunk into his heart and skull. Slow motion details of how Rob circled around inside of Walgreens looking for him. Slow motion details of how he waited in that truck for seven minutes for Emmett and Kandi to return.”

Birk notes that the worst feelings came during Hall’s trial.


“I felt like I was genuinely learning about facts from a movie. The new details to add to my remembrance of the past were like an open flame to the fears that burned in my heart.”

Though Birk experienced extreme pain surrounding the death of her husband, she was also able to deal with her emotions and said she turned to God for comfort. Now she wants to bring hope to those who are suffering with and encourage those considering being unfaithful to rethink their decisions. Her blog has been quite popular with over 5 million views. However, in Birk’s most recent post, “The Broken Road to Faith,” she encourages everyone to live in the moment and not lead a life of fear.

“I can’t promise every moment of every day will bring you joy—in fact a lot of them are going to be dang hard—but I have a testimony of living in the moment, seeing the beauty in the beast, and searching for a glimmer of light in the dark. So when you get blind sided by the pain of the past, don’t let your fear cause you to forget to see the friend who is wiping your tears, or the hand that is trying to hold yours through your lonely sobs in the night.”

Birk has since remarried and says she has even written some letters of forgiveness to Mrs. Hall. What do you think of Birk’s turn around from victim to inspiration?