‘The Voice’ Finalist Tony Lucca Releasing New Album And Video

Remember the notorious feud between The Voice judge Christina Aguilera and her former fellow Mouseketeer, Tony Lucca? Since then, Lucca hasn’t given up his dream and is still working on his singing career since his near miss as a finalist on The Voice, and will be releasing his eighth studio album January 27, titled Tony Lucca. He’s also got a brand new video for one of the songs, “Delilah (When the Lights Go Out),” that debuted on People magazine online January 14.

Lucca appeared on The Voice in its second season, finishing third for Adam Levine’s team. But his audition drew a lot of attention due to his history as a former Mouseketeer with Aguilera, as well as Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and Ryan Gosling. Yet Aguilera didn’t recognize her former childhood peer, and Lucca ended up on Team Adam.

Many felt Aguilera came down too hard on Lucca during critiques, sparking the whole feud drama on The Voice, but the pair have since buried the hatchet and moved on.

After The Voice, Lucca released an EP titled With the Whole World Watching on Adam Levine’s label, 222 Records, but has not had the commercial success many hoped would come after his appearance on The Voice. For this album, Lucca wanted to keep the momentum going on an already lengthy musical career, but made this album self-titled to represent a fresh start, according to People.

“Delilah” isn’t the song made famous by Tom Jones, but an original track that features a heartbreaker just the same, with some pretty steamy scenes in the video. He talked about the track with Entertainment Weekly.

” ‘Delilah’ is definitely the most enchanted recording on the new album. The song became this haunted house, where each track we laid was like another ghost crashing the party.”

Lucca has also premiered the song “Imagination” at the Hollywood Reporter, where you can listen to it online.

Tony has been busy with many other projects besides his singing career since appearing on The Voice. Last December, Lucca and 30 fellow artists traveled to Guatemala for a week of relief work and concerts as part of MILE (Music Is Love Exchange). Lucca is one of the co-founders of the organization, which does volunteer work and musical performances to help communities of under-served people around the world.

Tony Lucca kicks off a tour January 27 in Los Angeles. See the complete listing of tour dates on his official website.

[Photo via Missing Piece Publicity]