Google Now Offering a New Way to Give Up Your Privacy

Looking for a new way to throw out another piece of what little personal privacy you have left? Google has it!

The Gmail team has unveiled a new Labs feature called “Location in Signature.” Just head into the Gmail “Labs” tab, click on “Settings,” and head into the signature preferences. There, you can now opt to have your present location appended onto the end of every e-mail you send.

Google Signature Location

The Gmail signature location system uses your IP address to determine where you are and tack it onto the end of your e-mails. You can also opt to install Gears, which supports a location module that’ll use Wi-Fi signals to better pinpoint your present place.

If you still thirst to share more personal details with the world, be sure to check out Google’s recently launched Latitude service for the full privacy-shedding experience.