Teresa Giudice Divorce: Fighting Continues And Daughter Gia Can’t Mend Toxic Marriage [Report]

Apparently, it’s not a question of if, but when will Joe and Teresa Giudice divorce? A new report that’s making rounds on the internet casts more doubt on whether the Real Housewives of New Jersey First Couple will remain married after the matriarch completes her prison sentence. According to the latest news, a split is inevitable, and not even the pleas and intervention from their daughter, Gia Giudice, can stop her parents from divorcing.

Days ago, Inquisitr reported on the constant fighting between the Giudices, even as Teresa serves time behind bars. Not much was known then about the reason behind their tension; much of the bickering took place on the telephone. Reports suggested that they were both heated over the reality of being apart.

It’s a plausible explanation given that Teresa — and soon, Joe — will be away from their four daughters and one another for a long time. But according to more information from sources claiming to be in the know, the latter may be what’s driving Teresa Giudice up a wall and on a collision course towards divorce. It’s no secret that rumors have been circulating for years about Joe’s alleged infidelity.

Every now and again, a rumor crops up about Juicy Joe cheating on Teresa with younger women. Although there has never been any outward confession from Joe or an affirmation from his wife, photos surfaced in the past showing him with another woman. According to a RadarOnline report, the conflict between the troubled couple has only gotten worse, and divorce is on Teresa Giudice’s mind. And the freedom her husband has to run around while she’s incarcerated doesn’t make matters better.

“Teresa Giudice is not taking any lip from anyone while she’s behind bars, and certainly not from her husband! The federal prisoner has been battling it out with Juicy Joe and even their oldest daughter is having problems with her pops.”

Recently, Teresa’s husband and girls paid her a visit for the first time since she began her sentence on January 5 for a fraud conviction. Gia, 13, the eldest daughter, is supposedly leaned on by her mom to keep the home in order. Apparently, Teresa has little faith that Joe is focused or even willing to step up in her absence. Insiders say Gia Giudice is constantly pleading with her folks to make peace, to no avail. Insiders say it clearly signals an imminent divorce.

However, there’s a bright side to the latest Teresa and Joe news. According to a Daily Mail report, which countered the information contained in RO’s “exclusive,” the recent prison visit went well. And by all accounts, the couple is focused on getting through the dark days ahead. Moreover, Joe is said to be constantly in touch with his wife and is turning out to be fiercely devoted to caring for his kids and maintaining the household until his wife returns.

Clearly, rumors of Teresa Giudice’s divorce plans are not earth shattering; couples, especially in Hollywood often grow apart. However, given the mixed reports on a possible split, it’s unknown if the flame is still burning or time has run out in their tumultuous marriage.

[Image via: Facebook via Huffington Post]