Rihanna Previews ‘FourFiveSeconds’ With Kanye West And Paul McCartney

Rihanna is back with new music and a new sound. The edgy pop singer released her new single, “FourFiveSeconds,” which features Kanye West and Paul McCartney. She dropped the new song on her official website and iTunes on Saturday, Jan. 24. Rihanna’s new song is unlike anything she’s ever done before. This song has an acoustic, raw feel combined with modern day lyrics.

Rihanna’s signature Caribbean voice sings throughout the song. She says, “I’m about four, five seconds from wildin’.” Rihanna belts soulfully to McCartney’s acoustic guitar and Kanye’s rapping. It’s an odd combination, but it somehow works.

A writer on Vox wrote a review on the song.

“It’s more vulnerable than we’ve heard Rihanna since 2012’s ‘Stay,’ and hints that her new album may contain more confessional slow jams like this one.”

The musical trio dropped the new song unexpectedly on Saturday night. Rihanna fans, also known as the Rihanna Navy, went wild on Twitter once the song released. Some were excited to hear the song, even if it wasn’t your typical Rihanna song.

This is the first time that Rihanna worked with West and McCartney. However, it’s not the first time that West has worked with the Beatles legend. The two released the song “Only One” earlier this month. According to People magazine, the song left some Beatles and Kanye West fans a little bewildered.


Some are scratching their heads over Rihanna’s new song. They’re wondering if the singer is going for more of an acoustic sound for her rumored #R8 album. Rihanna is expected to release her eighth studio album later this year.

Some may think that Rihanna’s new song is a mellow song about drinking and smoking, but the lyrics could indicate a possible confrontation or a weakness for someone else. Nevertheless, the song has been crashing the Rihanna website all day. Links and videos of the song have also been disappearing from the Internet. Fans are too busy listening to the song to decipher its hidden lyrics.

The 26-year-old’s best friend, Melissa Forde, captured a video of the moment when the song released and Rihanna reacted. The singer said, “I’mma punch Jay Brown and Dorothy” before she sees the link on the RihannaNow.com site and her face lights up.

You could say that Rihanna pulled a Beyoncé on Saturday night. It’s any wonder if the pop singer has any more tricks up her sleeve. She already confirmed that the song is the first song off her album.

“FourFiveSeconds” is now available on iTunes. It will mark Rihanna’s first release since her 2012 Unapologetic album. Rihanna fans have been waiting for a new song and they finally have it. Only time will tell if they like Rihanna’s new sound.

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