WWE News: Former NWO And DX Member Teases ‘Royal Rumble’ Appearance Tonight

With the hour of the Royal Rumble quickly approaching, there are more and more rumors flying around about who could appear. WWE legends are thought to make special appearances as are superstars returning from injury. Now, there is a former member of both the NWO and DX that is not too far from the arena, and could show his face.

The Royal Rumble will take place tonight in the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It’s already known that The Rock is in the city and rumors have already started flying about him, but there’s more.

WrestleZone is reporting that Sean Waltman, aka X-Pac, made a surprise appearance at Jim Ross’ one-man show over the weekend.

Ross’ show was held in Starland, New Jersey, and no one had any idea that X-Pac would show his face there. If he were to show up for Ross’ show, then there is a real possibility that he could show up at the Royal Rumble in Philadelphia.

With only 17 of the 30 spots in the rumble match taken so far, there are 13 more that need to be filled and that’s a lot for WWE to leave open. Sure, there are always surprise entrants, but not usually that man.

With X-Pac recently appearing on the Raw Reunion a week ago, it wouldn’t be out of the question for him to show up yet again.

x-pac royal rumble

The Rumble match is always one that features a lot of returns to WWE or just one-time appearances. Sometimes, the return is on a small scale and is over before you know it. Bleacher Report listed a bunch that were huge returns, but still rather underrated.

Justin Gabriel apparently has quit WWE and that means his spot is now vacated in the Rumble match. WWE pulled the names of Los Matadores from the list of confirmed participants so that opens up two more spots.

There are 17 confirmed superstars on the day of the Royal Rumble, which is less than what WWE usually has. It really lends some credibility to the rumors that the plans for both the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania 31 really aren’t cemented in place yet.

Then again, it could just be the WWE messing around with the IWC and wanting to keep everyone guessing.

X-Pac doesn’t seem like the wrestler that would win the Royal Rumble match now or even when he was full-time, but his return would be a fun surprise. It’ll be interesting to see if the former NWO and DX member dons the tights for the big battle royal.

[Image via WWE]