Lars Andersen Proves That All Your Archery Knowledge Is Useless And A Lie

Lars Andersen who simply wants to prove a point to the rest of the world, and he’s taking advantage of YouTube to do just that. With the help of a video camera, a bow, some arrows, and a few friends, Andersen set out to prove that everything you have learned about archery from Hollywood is useless and a lie.

As DeadSpin reported, this is not just some guy doing random archery tricks to get YouTube hits. Andersen made the video to prove a point and it’s to show that archery is an ancient, master craft.

Andersen states that his archery skills come from lots of studying of “ancient manuscripts,” and that may be true. No matter what, the guy is kind of out there, but you can’t deny his technique and amazing accuracy.

The video is close to six minutes long and sets forth to disprove the way that Hollywood has the world looking at archery. You don’t need a bunch of technological aiming devices and pretty quivers, per The Daily Dot.

Watching Hawkeye in Avengers or Katniss in The Hunger Games or Legolas in Lord of the Rings gives people a false impression on how archery is supposed to work. Andersen makes valid points that all you need is a good bow and some arrows.

Yes, he does use a quiver at times, but he doesn’t always find that necessary.

For instance, he catches an arrow fired at him by another person, and then fires it back at that person. Mind you, he does this all while in midair.

Another great example is that his studying of ancient archery techniques allows Lars Andersen to fire 10 arrows in 4.9 seconds. Speed like that is something that seems almost impossible and should be.

archery lars andersen

Make sure to take the time watch the video because it will be six minutes that aren’t wasted. Andersen actually has an arrow fired at him, spins around, and shoots another arrow directly at it…splitting it in two.

He’s not just teaching the masterful skill of archery, but he’s cheating death with almost every stunt.

The best part about all of this is he does it without flinching or even showing much concentration.

Andersen’s video “Lars Andersen: A New Level of Archery” was uploaded to YouTube on Friday, less than 48 hours ago. By Sunday morning, it had already hit 11.5 million views and was increasing every minute.

[Image via YouTube]

Disclaimer: The Inquisitr would like to remind our readers that Lars Andersen is a trained professional who has years of experience performing potentially dangerous archery stunts. Please do not try these stunts yourself.