Windows 10 Preview Download Is Now Available

The Windows 10 preview is finally available for download. Microsoft announced on Friday morning that Windows users can now finally check out the new operating system. Almost the rest of the world can now check out what analysts and journalists were able to preview on Wednesday. Users who signed up for the Windows 10 preview can now download the OS.

Some users are wondering why the media isn’t talking about the Windows 10 event. Windows 10 is being dubbed as a “bold OS,” but the press conference still didn’t go as planned. It seems like users are looking towards Apple and Google for innovation rather than Microsoft. It’s also hard to get the general public excited about an operating system rather than a new tablet or smartphone.

Joe Belfiore, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Windows operating systems group, announced that Windows 10 would be available for those who use Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows Phone 8.1. It’s still uncertain if the update will hit other Windows phones like the Lumia, according to a recent Inquistr report. After the Windows 10 operating system is released, users who want to upgrade for free will still have to take advantage of the offer. Some editions may be excluded, Belfiore said during the Windows 10 demo on Wednesday.

This OS will update automatically for Windows Insiders overnight. According to PCWorld, users can also get the Windows 10 preview by going to their PC Settings, heading to “Update and recovery,” opening Preview builds, and clicking the “Check Now” button. Some users may have never installed Windows 10 before, so they will have to reinstall everything from the beginning. There’s a tutorial guide on how to install Windows 10 from scratch. Users can also obtain the ISO settings to perform a clean install or download the virtual machine.

In a recent blog post, Microsoft’s Gabriel Aul warned users that not everything Microsoft announced earlier this week would be available in the Windows 10 preview.

“Some of the new features that Joe demoed on Wednesday will be available for our Windows Insiders starting today with our newest build – 9926. However, not everything you saw on Wednesday is included in this new build. Much is still in-progress and we’re getting it out to you as fast as we can – so you can try it out and give us feedback. Over the course of the next few builds, you will see us refine Windows 10 and continue to improve the experiences as well as quality and stability.”

One of the most important features pointed out by Belfiore was Cortana, a digital assistant that’s available on Windows phones, and will make an appearance on Windows 10. This feature will be on the Start Button on the desktop’s taskbar and can be given commands via text or voice input. The digital assistant will give the weather report, search the web for specific answers and locate files on the local machine.

Other new features in Windows 10 include the Spartan browser, the Windows HoloLens headset, the Windows Holographic for 3D imaging, and the HoloStudio application used to create holograms.

Other features include notifications, Continuum, a full-page start menu, a new Windows Store app, a new Xbox app. An exact date for the Windows 10 hasn’t yet been confirmed, but the new OS will be available on October 22, 2015.

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